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Our Story

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Whether you are considering a light cosmetic touch-up, botox treatments, or a more dramatic procedure, the doctor tailors his approach to help you recapture and express a more youthful and natural appearance. Right from the start, you are the priority with close attention paid to understanding your individual cosmetic surgery needs, identifying solutions and then working to achieve them. It doesn’t cost more to receive skilled treatment from Toronto’s top facial cosmetic surgeon. It’s probably more affordable than you think. We offer free initial consultations, so give us a call so we can discuss your requirements in confidence. Click HERE to book a consult.

We invite you to experience the rewards of a welcoming environment where you can expect to be listened to, understood, and delighted with the outcome. Dr. Torgerson is here to help empower you to make the changes you desire to lead a truly beautiful life.

Everything about Dr. Torgerson’s Ontario clinic practice is designed to deliver outstanding results with our new surgical and cosmetic facility set in Toronto’s exclusive Yorkville district. Staffed by a dedicated health care team of highly experienced medical professionals, our Yorkville clinic is equipped with absolute state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure uncompromising levels of safety, comfort and excellence of cosmetic patient care.

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Meet Dr. Torgerson

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Dr. Cory Torgerson is one of Canada’s most talented and prominent cosmetic plastic surgeons, focusing on head, neck, and facial plastic surgery. Dr. Torgersonhas been frequently invited to teach and lecture on these topics across North American. He has hospital privileges at Sunnybrook Hospital, one of the premier hospitals in the University of Toronto Health Network.

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The Results that Passion Creates

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What Dr. Torgerson and his team of professionals can offer you

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Dr. Cory Stephen Torgerson has dedicated his practice of medicine to facial plastic surgery, and the administration of the various effective treatments, which not only eliminate health issues and deformities, but also improves the appearance of the patient.

The priority for Dr. Torgerson is his patients’ comfort and outcome. Dr. Torgerson listens carefully to the vision, desires, and apprehensions of his patients; only then does he recommend the best course of action. Wither it’s an invasive or non-invasive procedure, Dr. Torgerson’s team will tailor a treatment plan for each patient, to achieve the best results.It is because of this that Dr. Cory Torgerson is far more than a “run-of-the-mill” plastic surgeon; he has committed himself to ensure that patients receive the right care and treatment.