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The most noticeable plastic surgery trend for the past 2 years may surprise you!

While the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we do business and interact with each other, an interesting side effect has been increased focus on appearance enhancements through plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Multiple factors may contribute to the pandemic plastic surgery boom, including more virtual meeting time spent surreptitiously glancing at our own appearance, more time on our hands, and less money spent on social and travel adventures.

We’d all love to get back to social lives, but it seems many people are determined to look and feel their best when they’re finally ready to get back to it.

At Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Toronto Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre, these plastic surgery trends are expected to keep going strong in 2022.

1. Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift. Through the removal of excess skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelids, a more youthful, awake, and refreshed look can be achieved.

Whether your eyebags result from stress and poor sleep or genetic factors, now that masks cover much of our faces throughout the day, it’s time to revitalize the look of your eyes and let them shine!

The perks include impressively “barely there” scarring, rapid recovery, and the ability to knock 5 years or more off the appearance of aged eyes.

2. Natural Rhinoplasty Surgery

Both surgical rhinoplasty and the increasingly popular liquid rhinoplasty represent the fastest growing plastic surgery trends in 2022.

There are some compelling theories about how much selfie cameras and Zoom calls may be driving this phenomenon.

As we spend more time virtually interfacing and literally facing our own appearance daily, certain concerns such as nasal prominence, bumps, and asymmetry may begin to loom large. People of all ages decided last year that they were finally ready to book a nose job.

Thankfully, the new trend in plastic surgery for 2022 is toward natural-looking, subtle changes personalized just for you. Dr. Torgerson’s approach to nasal surgery is highly individualized and can have you looking your very best for the year ahead without looking like you’ve had anything “done” at all.

3. Facelifts of the future

The term “plastic surgery” has been synonymous with facelifts for decades, but anti-ageing facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way regarding technique and results. In 2022, we predict that this procedure will continue to be in demand. However, we’re noticing people seeking surgical facial rejuvenation who are younger than before. The 35 to 45 age group can benefit from custom, “mini-facelift” methods that target the early signs of ageing around the mouth, jowls, and neck.

One of the benefits of early intervention is the ability to make incredibly natural-looking improvements without the classic “pulled,” tight-faced result. Modern methods work deep beneath the skin to elevate subdermal tissue and do not place visible, telltale tension on the skin.

Another appealing feature of mini facelifts is that they can be performed more quickly and at a lower cost compared to a full facelift.

Younger patients also tend to recover quickly with minimal scarring and can age more gracefully throughout midlife.

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