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Toronto nose-reshaping surgeons are often recommended or reviewed in today’s social media-obsessed culture. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that men and women ask for. With social media touting pictures, blogs, and vlogs of what defines beauty and the “perfect” nose, many people seek out rhinoplasty details online. But there are some things that patients don’t talk about concerning their nose reshaping. Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson is a skilled and sought-after rhinoplasty specialist. He encourages people who are thinking of a nose job to go ahead and book a , no-obligation consultation with him.

There’s a lot to explain and plenty of personalized feedback to gain, which will help with your planning. Before and after photos will give you some ideas, but not the full picture of what’s involved with nasal surgery. Here are 5 things that we want you to know about nose reshaping in Toronto before you take the next exciting steps on your transformational journey.

1. There is no such thing as perfect nose reshaping in Toronto

Have you ever said, “I want her nose?” “Her” could be any number of Insta-famous or popular celebrities and models. We don’t blame you for scanning faces online to seek out the features you like and don’t like. When preparing for consultation before nose reshaping in Toronto, patients often bring in pictures of an ideal nose they want to replicate, and this can serve a purpose, but there are some drawbacks to thinking this way. No two faces or noses are the same. Also, many magazine photos are airbrushed to create the elusive look of perfection. Nose reshaping in Toronto doesn’t seek to produce carbon copies or one-size-fits-all results, but rather to provide the patient with a proportionate and harmonious appearance.

The overall structure of the nasal area, the thickness of the skin, and cartilage all play a critical role in the enhancement of your nose. A skilled surgeon can explain the factors involved in designing your ideal improvement. Rest assured that what looks great on one person won’t necessarily fit well on another. That’s why it’s essential to know that you can’t “order” your nose from a magazine.

Dr. Torgerson uses state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging to allow you to visualize a realistic representation of what your outcome can look like during the planning phase. He’ll factor in your likes and dislikes along with the measurements and characteristics of all your other features to give you the nose that helps you look your best.

2. The big reveal is often disappointing

Of course, when you choose a skilled surgeon with plenty of experience delivering fabulous results, you can count on your Toronto nose reshaping surgery to be a success once healed. What are the early results like though? Sometimes they’re not very impressive. Temporarily, you might not like what you see.

In a world where we don’t wish to delay gratification, it can be disappointing for rhinoplasty surgery patients to realize that they don’t have the nose they’re dreaming of the day following surgery. There’s a good, natural reason for the nature of rhinoplasty recovery. Your face is quite vascular, which means that although the procedure isn’t described as very painful, the expected bruising around the eyes, cheeks, and nose as well as inflammation that occurs can take many months to dissipate before beautiful results appear. Bruises will resolve by roughly 14 days. You’ll have any splints or bandages taken off by then, but swelling lingers in this sensitive tissue. A change in the profile of your nose may be seen almost immediately, while other enhancements may take longer for you to notice.

Certain ethnic groups known to have thicker skin also wait a little longer to see that residual swelling resolve. Detailed work done to refine a nasal tip may cause swelling to linger in that tissue for up to one year. The good news is that the vast majority of your healing will be done within a few months, and only those looking closely at your nose (you and your surgeon) will know when the subtlest finishing details are revealed.

Being mentally prepared ahead of time can do much to allay fears or discouragement, so in the meantime, rest and take care of yourself. Trust your surgeon when they say you’re on track or that there’s still swelling present.

3. There could be changes to your voice or breathing following nose-reshaping surgery

Not all nose reshaping in Toronto is done for cosmetic reasons. When people of any age notice problems like snoring or chronic congestion, a variety of functional nose surgeries can be carried out to reduce those symptoms and improve nostril airflow. The nasal passages can be altered through what’s known as a septoplasty. This functional procedure deals solely with improving breathing issues related to a deviated septum. Some people choose to combine the structural repair with aesthetic improvements. Hybrid nose reshaping in Toronto is referred to as septorhinoplasty.

Rarely, a subtle change in voice following a nose job can occur. That’s because the vibrations created when you speak utilize the air passing through your nostrils as well as from your mouth. If you had a nasal-sounding voice before surgery, a rhinoplasty could alter your voice quality. Most people will notice minimal, if any, change, though this consideration does prevent some professional singers from choosing elective surgery on their noses.

4. Your motivation for seeking nose-reshaping surgery is of vital importance

Much of a person’s confidence in school, the workplace, and the world in general is derived from appearance, leading many to seek rhinoplasty to correct what they see as an imperfection. In Toronto, nose-reshaping patients vary in age from teenagers all the way to seniors. In the youngest demographic, peer pressure can play a significant role in the decision to have a nose job. Youth across the GTA, in Oakville, Hamilton, and Mississauga consider rhinoplasty to fit in with their peers or fit an ideal they’ve come to admire.

There are 2 key reasons why a rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Torgerson might suggest waiting. If the facial bones and nose have not finished growing, waiting a year or two will be advised. Likewise, if the patient isn’t mature enough to consent while understanding the risks and long-term implications of facial cosmetic surgery, more time and education may be warranted.

Managing expectations is an essential, ethical part of what facial plastic surgeons do. They want their clients to be excited about their results, but to fully understand the limitations too. There is no such thing as perfection, and deeper psychological or emotional issues related to appearance will not necessarily be improved through cosmetic surgery.

Keep in mind, the cost of nose reshaping in Toronto will be several thousand dollars to start and will increase depending on individual needs. It’s imperative that you’re clear about your motives and goals before committing to a permanent solution.

5. Other people’s perception of your nose job might be different

The way people see things differently is surprising at times. There’s nothing more deflating than feeling satisfied with your choice and the change you see, only to hear a close friend or family member state that they don’t see improvement or offer a different criticism. Likewise, patients who are nervous and self-conscious about making a change to their facial appearance may over-estimate how much others will notice. Plenty of people enjoy their privacy and would prefer that not everyone knows they had something “done”.

While you can undoubtedly fixate on minute details, most other people won’t, so these are often cases of wasted worrying. In most instances, changing your appearance will not change how people see you and treat you. Whether the people in your social circle notice or not, keep in mind that it is for your satisfaction that you’ve made the change, and yours is the only critique that matters. Trust your surgeon’s input and try to block out anything but the most positive feedback from others.

Would you like to find out what a nose-reshaping surgery could do for you?

Dr. Torgerson offers consultations for his patients to learn all about their chosen procedure, ask plenty of questions, and make an informed choice. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a challenging but rewarding subspecialty in facial plastic surgery. Although many surgeons offer rhinoplasty in Toronto, Dr. Torgerson, an otolaryngologist specializing in facial plastic surgery of the head and neck, is uniquely positioned as a knowledgeable and innovative practitioner sought after across Canada. Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons often perform nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto. However, Dr. Torgerson is both an ENT surgeon and a facial cosmetic surgeon with achieved top credentials in both surgery specialties. We invite you to experience our luxe, yet welcoming environment, where you’ll be empowered to make changes that help you look and feel fantastic. Contact us today.

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