Dr. Colleen McDermott (MSc, MD, FRCSC)

Dr. Colleen McDermott is pleased to spend part of every week at Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Plastic Surgery Centre

As a certified FPMRS (Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon/Urogynecologist), she brings a completely unique, high level of expertise to a rapidly evolving and exciting area of cosmetic medicine and is a valued member of the elite team at Dr. Torgerson’s practice.

The industry’s most advanced laser technology has been designed to restore and restructure the delicate and complex vaginal anatomy. When it comes to sensitive issues such as genital function, appearance, and incontinence issues, our clients appreciate having access to a female pelvic floor reconstructive surgeon who can provide leading-edge laser treatments with the knowledge to ensure efficacy and safety.

Gynaecology Expert

Dr. Colleen McDermott studied at McGill University, then received her MD at the University of Toronto and surgical fellowship in FPMRS at Indiana University. She completed a second Master’s degree in clinical research.

Are you one of the many women who struggle with stress urinary incontinence (SUI), discomfort and dissatisfaction during sex, or other signs of vaginal atrophy and changes that you aren’t happy with? Dr. Colleen McDermott wants you to know that new, non-surgical technologies such as the Fotona laser, which are used in the comfort and privacy of her office, will help tighten, tone, and restore the vagina and delicate tissue. The Fotona Smooth Mode Erbium Laser shrinks tissue with gentle, controlled thermal energy to stimulate new collagen production within 3 weeks. Patients report immediate improvements and ongoing changes for up to 6 months after their procedure. Symptoms of SUI, vaginal laxity, and even prolapse issues can all be improved with vaginal laser rejuvenation in Toronto with Dr. McDermott.

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Questions For Dr. Colleen Mcdermott

Dr. McDermott, what is it that draws you to practice in Toronto, Canada, and why did you choose to partner with Dr. Torgerson?
I am from Toronto, and I love living and working here near my friends and family. I personally believe that Toronto is the best city in the world. Dr. Torgerson and I went to medical school together. I know that he runs an efficient and comprehensive practice. I was very happy for the opportunity to join his team.
What are some of the services and areas of treatment that people can come and see you for?
Currently, for Dr. Torgerson’s practice I am available to treat stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, and vaginal laxity using the advanced Fotona laser system. Fotona has developed specialized equipment designed to treat each unique area of concern. I offer the Fotona gynecological suite of services, including IncontiLase, IntimaLase, ProlapLase, and RenovaLase. These powerful lasers dramatically tighten, thicken, and restore genital tissue and help solve functional and aesthetic problems without pain, surgery, or scars. This laser is really remarkable. I like it because it is another relatively non-invasive, effective therapy for people who suffer from these issues.
What is unique about your approach to vaginal rejuvenation and the experience that you are able to provide?
At Dr. Torgerson’s, I am the only person performing the vaginal laser treatments. We feel that it is important for patients who schedule treatments to see me personally for not only the consultation, but the application of the technology as well. The assessment, plan, and treatment are carried out by a certified female pelvic medicine and reonstructive surgeon/urogynecologist, not a nurse or technician. No other practice offering these treatments can ensure this level of knowledge and care informing the procedure.
How do you imagine this exciting field changing in the coming years, and where would you like to see this technology headed?
I think laser therapy for pelvic floor disorders is only going to expand as more people are interested in non-surgical options for these issues. Consequently, when significant improvements and benefits can be achieved through non-surgical methods, health and confidence become more accessible for everyone. I’m happy to see where the technology is headed.
What Would You Like Your Clients To Know About You?
I am a leading expert in the field, but I am also a mother of three small children, and I completely understand how pregnancy and childbirth can affect the vaginal anatomy. You can trust that I understand, and I have the knowledge to help you. I look forward to meeting you.

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