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Asian nose jobs bring different images to mind, depending on what your experience with plastic surgery is. Rhinoplasty refers to surgical, customized nasal reshaping for aesthetic purposes — to refine, reshape, or resize the nose.

However, an Asian nose job can refer to non-surgical treatments too. Did you know that there’s a popular new technique used to contour noses without surgery? Why this method is trending and why traditional rhinoplasty for Asian patients is unique will be explained in this article.

The Asian nose job in Toronto, a new take on an old favourite

What does Asian rhinoplasty mean to you? For many of Dr. Torgerson’s Toronto nose job clients, preserving their unique, ethnic characteristics is vital, no matter what their heritage is.

In 2020, the prevailing trend that plastic surgeons notice is that patients who want to alter their appearance often choose subtle enhancements rather than a whole new look.

For people who wish to balance or tone down one aspect of their nose shape, maintaining their distinctive look is still a priority. For Asian noses, that can mean altering only nostrils, only the tip, or only the bridge.

Asian nose jobs are usually different from nasal reshaping done on African-American, European, or Persian patients. Noses vary in structure and form across the world, so what works well for one nose won’t suit another. Understanding Asian facial anatomy is essential for rhinoplasty surgeons, and Toronto makes diverse procedure types readily available. Dr. Cory Torgerson is renowned for his personalized, ethnic rhinoplasty work.

What specific features may be altered during an Asian nose job?

Asian patients often have thick skin on the nose. Their robust and healthy skin is beneficial for warding off the signs of ageing, but this ethnic group also tends toward thick nose skin, bulbous nasal tips, a broad nasal base, and a low or flat bridge and radix (between the eyes). Asian clients often ask for a more projecting, refined tip and a built-up, raised bridge. Sometimes the desire for a more prominent bridge bone serves the purpose of wearing glasses more comfortably, as they are built to rest on this part of the nasal anatomy.

The goal of Asian nose jobs is almost always to create harmony and balance with other facial structures. In the past, many plastic surgeons approached all noses similarly and delivered a more or less similar result. Overly thin, shaved down, and pinched noses were a tell-tale sign of having one’s nose “done”.

Perhaps the incongruous effect this had on Asian and African patients was the most apparent because their natural ethnic features favour a broader nasal base, lower bridge, and rounded tip. A nose that looks entirely out of step with the eyes, chin, cheeks, and mouth can draw undesired attention.

Injectable nose jobs

Today’s options for Asian clients have expanded in positive and promising ways. The development of lasting, safe, and effective dermal fillers has meant that soft tissue changes are possible without surgery now. They’re not as dramatic, and they can’t achieve reductive changes, but nose filler is ideal for many Asian clients.

What enhancements can injectable rhinoplasty make?

The Bridge

It’s common for Asian nose job patients to desire a more pronounced nasal bridge. There’s a 3-dimensional addition of volume required to lift and structure that aspect of the nose. Makeup contouring and even temporary, stick-on, sculptable materials have been widespread across Asia for many years now. For people who don’t want surgery, we now offer something far more lasting and practical than makeup.

Note* It’s essential to consider that a well-defined, high bridge may be desired by Asians, but typical examples of “Roman” noses aren’t compatible with their facial features. Instead, the bridge is ideally begun lower and maintains a natural break between the top of the bridge and the forehead.

With hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler, facial cosmetic surgeons can quickly (in roughly 5 minutes!) add thick gel filler to the bridge just under the skin. The natural, hydrating substance is eventually absorbed into the body, but for roughly 9 to 12 months, it creates 3D, sculpted effects. Patients can watch the shape of their nose change before their eyes and walk out of the clinic with instant results.

The Tip

Nasal tip refinement is a common choice for Asian nose jobs. Toronto facial surgeons carefully inject HA filler into the tip of the nose. This can increase projection, upturn a tip, or diminish a bulbous appearance.


If the nose has slight asymmetries or indents, these can be masked through artful filler injection. The result is often impressive and carries no downtime whatsoever. Compared with nasal surgery, this rapid, lower-risk treatment is increasingly desirable.

Whether you choose to have a fast, temporary nose job with filler or you inquire about a lasting change with surgical rhinoplasty, Dr. Cory Torgerson will be pleased to meet with you and discuss your interests and goals. He provides clients with the unique benefit of 3D Vectra imaging photos in the office so they can see potential outcomes and collaborate on a custom design just for them.

Asian nose job: Rhinoplasty and surgical implants

In Asian clients, the nasal tip may lack definition and projection. Dr. Torgerson has well-developed skill and practical experience with graft insertion to sculpt the nose. A cartilage graft is often the easiest and safest method to build up nasal tissue with the patient’s own flexible body material. This can be extracted from the nose itself or from a rib in other cases. The cartilage heals well and tends to dramatically reduce potential risks like rejection or infection. This also works well to increase the height of a nose bridge and define that part of the nasal anatomy. Cartilage is a soft material to handle and alter, so it can be customized very precisely.

Synthetic implants are also popular, made from Gore-Tex or silicone in most cases.

Grafted cartilage or synthetic material that is inserted and positioned carefully under the skin lifts the skin of the nose. The materials tend to be strong enough to last, yet somewhat flexible and soft, so they feel natural to the touch.


If nostrils are broader or more flared than a patient would like, a simple surgical procedure can permanently narrow them. Removing small wedges of skin at the lateral base of each nostril, then securing the edges together creates a thin scar that is well-hidden in each natural crease. This procedure is far less extensive than a full Asian nose job, yet it can’t be achieved through non-surgical filler injection.

Are you an ideal Asian nose job patient?

Have you been browsing Asian rhinoplasty before and after pictures online? Have you been learning more about the many ways to alter a nose, but you have more questions than you can answer? Today’s nose-reshaping options are more flexible, more varied, and safer than ever. This is a great time to take the next step and book a consultation to find out what your options are.

We suggest that clients be in good general health before considering any cosmetic procedure. They should also have realistic expectations. Good candidates for rhinoplasty are seeking improvements, not perfection. They know that there are limitations with any intervention, and they’re willing to work with their surgeon to achieve their personal best outcome.

Depending on the treatment chosen, there should also be a realistic expectation for recovery and a few limitations while healing to see optimal results.

Book your consultation to learn about your personal options

During your consultation, you can feel free to gather all the information you need without any pressure to choose a treatment. We’ll walk you through the next steps as soon as you’re ready, however.

During this meeting, you’ll have a one-on-one discussion with Dr. Cory Torgerson, who is intimately familiar with the particulars of Asian nose jobs. You’ll be able to see rhinoplasty before and after photos in our clinic and use the 3D Vectra imaging photo technology, which allows a realistic view of your desired outcomes. Sometimes a treatment combination is the best way to meet the patient’s goals and budget. We also have many clients who choose to make adjustments through dermal filler injection first before committing to permanent alterations. You can count on Dr. Torgerson’s team to offer detailed information and ensure that all your questions are answered.

We’ll provide a personalized quote for treatment and connect you with medical financing options to make payment more convenient if you wish. Just ask during your visit.

You’re invited to visit our expansive cosmetic surgery centre, located at 59 Hayden Street, downtown Toronto. Our commitment to serving each client uniquely and providing royal treatment results in an unparalleled, aesthetic experience. Come find out how Asian nose jobs have evolved in Toronto and the beautiful possibilities to reveal your best self.

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