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Toronto Facelift Surgeons: Best Reasons to Act Now, Not Later

The best facelift surgeons in Toronto are seeing the social stigma and financial barriers to facial cosmetic surgery diminishing. Once the stuff of Hollywood secrets and wealthy lifestyles, today’s “plastic surgery” patients are normal men and women like you.

Facial cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap, but today’s customizable, tailored approach means focusing on targeted results.

An excellent example of bespoke procedures offered by the best facelift surgeons in Toronto is the mini facelift. It’s no longer just for “older” patients and not the obvious facial tightening you may imagine. Advanced methods are appealing to a far younger clientele and allow them to keep their treatment discreet.

Perhaps the best mini facelift benefit is that it can help stave off future facial ageing. How so? Read on as we explain why you may want to act now rather than wait.

Facelift Surgeons in Toronto

Toronto’s est facelift surgeons take a younger approach

Dr. Cory Torgerson is renowned as a facial cosmetic surgeon dedicated to intricate head and neck surgery. His facial plastic surgery skills and passion for innovation enable him to offer new alternative facial ageing treatments. The standard facelift involves incisions around the ears, within the hairline, and possibly in the neck.

The goal is to smooth away years of wrinkles and sagging by rejuvenating multiple layers of tissue and dramatically smoothing the skin of the mid and lower face. Often combined with a neck lift, the full or SMAS facelift can target deep plane tissues to create lasting and dramatic tightening. Though the results are ideally natural and soft, this comprehensive approach isn’t necessary for everyone. It’s rarely required for someone in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s. So what are younger clients to do with early signs of ageing?

In the past, when a little sagging around the mouth and jowls showed in the mirror, younger men and women had two options: purchase high-priced skincare products and tightening treatments and wait a few decades for wrinkling to be severe enough for surgery or accept the march of time across their face.

Accepting the wrinkles you’ve earned and loving the skin you’re in is fantastic for self-esteem and mental health. Age is inevitable, and a pro-ageing attitude is worth aspiring to.

But there are ways to feel better about your appearance every day and hold off rapid facial ageing. What if we said that you could intervene with a mini version of a facelift much earlier and postpone extreme facial sagging for longer?

The mini facelift

The mini-facelift is Toronto’s fastest-growing beauty secret. Here’s how it differs from the full-face approach:

  • Both facial and neck contours are improved with a short scar, reducing extra scars on the neck
  • Mini facelift incisions are shorter than deep plane facelift scars and remove less skin overall
  • Mini facelifts can be done using local anaesthetic and IV (twilight) sedation, rather than a general anaesthetic. That means less associated anaesthetic risks and forgoing some of the unpleasant side effects like dizziness post-op
  • The mini facelift doesn’t usually require incisions behind the ears and into the hairline. Your facial structure and skin laxity will determine the best placement; however, shorter, minimal incisions tend to be well-hidden
  • Fat in the lower face and neck area can be repositioned or removed using the less invasive mini-lift approach. The muscle may also be adjusted in the target area
  • The recovery after less invasive facelifts is inevitably quicker
  • You’ll experience less bruising or swelling, meaning a more discreet improvement and a faster return to daily activities
  • You’ll see less dramatic improvements, and that’s a great thing for most middle-aged patients who are nervous about appearing “different” after facial plastic surgery. They want to look refreshed, healthy, and more youthful, but very much like themselves. They may not want anyone to know they had surgery, and the minilift allows for that kind of subtlety.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Best Toronto facelift surgeon’s methods, over the traditional approach

There’s a facelift surgery you don’t need to wait for: the minilift! If you’re in your 30s, 40s, you may not “need” an extensive facelift procedure, but you can still tackle the unwanted changes you see at your jawline and neck. Rather than waiting until ageing is severe, with a mini facelift you can intervene early.

It accomplishes what filler can’t

Facial injectable fillers are a fabulous choice for many people in midlife, because they help restore some missing volume. There’s a limit to what fillers can achieve, however. The best facial plastic surgeons will tell you when you’ve maxed out filler benefits and need to trim away sagging skin instead. In fact, using fillers to complete the job of a facelift can result in a puffy, not younger face.

Recovery is fast

The mini face-lift recovery is quick. Are you hesitant to book cosmetic surgery that will take you out of commission for weeks? Don’t want to hide at home and miss work? With the mini facelift, most patients return to work at 1 week and experience just a few workout-related restrictions. Your small incisions will heal fast with proper care, and minor bruising can be covered with makeup. It’s a more manageable downtime for younger people on the go.

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Younger people are visiting facelift surgeons in Toronto for best timing

People in their 30s and 40s sometimes see signs of ageing in the lower face sneak up and progress rapidly. Much of this change has to do with the decrease in natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production. After 30, your elastin and collagen that once kept skin firm and plump will taper off. The usual rate of cell turnover also slows down, which leaves complexions dull and encourages fine lines.

In the 30s, fat stores in your cheeks begin to shrink, and even facial bone structure may lose volume. These significant structural changes lessen underlying support for your skin and encourage deep lines or hollows to form. Your jawline takes the brunt of early facial sagging due to its location. Gravity pulls downward, and your jowls are at the bottom.

For neck sagging, platysmal bands (turkey neck) and early onset of jowls, you can have a mini facelift and not look as though you’ve had your whole face “done.”

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

Can a mini facelift prevent facial ageing?
Not entirely, no. However, intervening now can help prevent more severe facial sagging later. People who plan minor face-lifting surgery in their 40s tend to enjoy a more graceful ageing process and hold on to rejuvenation for decades.

Eventually, other procedures like a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or full facelift may be planned, but the results will always seem more natural in small increments.

A Toronto facelift surgeon’s best candidate

The best Toronto facelift surgeon for you will be a specialist who dedicates their practice to innovative facial plastic surgery. Their education, credentials, and practice experience are critical.

Your face is front and centre every day, and you’ll want to ensure that you invest in results you can count on. Review before and after mini-facelift photos from the best facelift surgeons. The results you see should be consistent and never look “pulled”.

Candidates for a mini facelift don’t have significant sagging and want to be proactive. They have good skin elasticity and tend to be younger, requiring less dramatic correction. Your consultation appointment with Dr. Torgerson will help you understand which cosmetic surgery can target your goals.

Is it time for you to consider a mini facelift?

You’re invited to book a consultation at our beautiful downtown Toronto facial plastic surgery clinic. You’ll be free to ask plenty of questions and receive thoughtful, personalized recommendations from one of the best Toronto facelift surgeons, Dr. Cory Torgerson. It’s easy to make your personalized appointment and learn more. We look forward to meeting you.

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