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The Big Shot™ is fast becoming one of the most popular penis enlargement treatments in Toronto! Male enhancement procedures and products are some of the most searched online, yet never before has there been such a simple, safe, and transformative option to increase penis size and girth.

Most men naturally want to maximize their appearance and performance. Just like a female breast augmentation, enhancing what you’ve got “down there” is now realistic and more common for men from all walks of life.

You sculpt your body in the gym, but is there a discreet, personalized treatment to help you reach your optimal best from head to toe?

Find out how we increase penis girth and length dramatically, in one shot.

Here, we’ll explain the Big Shot™ process. (It’s known to be virtually pain-free!)

And we’ll tell you which types of men are getting their below-the-belt upgrade in Toronto.

The Big Shot™ Penis Enlargement Explained

Finally – this is the penis enlargement that won’t require endless patience or time off work.

Ditch the growth pills and pump devices. Big Shot™ is an injectable, long-lasting formulation that works directly on penile tissue to instantly add volume.

We love hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers for their fast results and natural composition. HA is composed of hydrating molecules found everywhere in the body, so it is reabsorbed over time, and if needed, it can be dissolved.

Big Shot™ combines a blend of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) made from blood platelets and plasma, packing in 20+ growth factors that stimulate circulation and improve tissue thickness and elasticity.

The Big Shot™ formula delivers instant 3D growth, improved performance, and big-time confidence.

How Is the Big Shot™ Penis Enlargement Done?

The Big Shot™ doesn’t use scalpels or require stitches. There won’t be any scars to worry about either.

We offer you a one-on-one exam and a private discussion with your practitioner, where considerations and details will be explained.

You can feel free to ask questions, and you’ll be awake to watch the process.

First, numbing agents are applied to the skin to keep you pain-free. The dermal fillers used also contain numbing medication.

You’ll be happy to learn that the complete Big Shot™ process often takes 30 minutes or less! When your treatment area has been prepared, your growth formula will be injected strategically using very fine needles.

A favourite feature of Big Shot™ is that patients can watch their growth take shape in real time!

What Makes Big Shot™ in Toronto So In-Demand?

The Big Shot™ took off from the day we first offered it to our extensive male clientele.

Men who choose penis enlargement in Toronto are both first-timers and long-time cosmetic clients. They may be curious, or they may be setting goals to enhance their bodies. Some Big Shot™ clients are quite confident already, whereas others need a little boost to feel better about themselves.

Big Shot™ patients are not always smaller than average. We see all sizes and shapes, each choosing enhancement for personal reasons.

Just like building on your physique will make a good thing better, your penis enlargement could improve the way you look naked, enhance performance, and give you a powerful edge.

Big Shot™ Best Features

  • Quick recovery time: You can return to regular activity after your appointment
  • Painless: Numbing agents contained in filler and applied topically keep you comfortable
  • Instant results: Pills and penis growth gimmicks promise immediate results, but only Big Shot™ lets you watch the transformation!


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