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How do chin implants work? You may have come across these popular facial implants while searching cosmetic surgery solutions online. A chin implant in Toronto often satisfies the desire for balanced facial proportions, jaw angle definition, or even a smaller nose. When researching, you may not find much detail related to these intriguing objects to satisfy your curiosity. Chin implant surgery is more common than you think, and it may even be the right solution for you. Take our fast quiz and find out if the chin or jaw angle implant option was sitting right under your nose all along.

1. Are you considering a chin implant to improve the contours of your lower face?

Toronto facial plastic surgery specialists offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials to augment and reshape a chin. If you’re already considering this, you’re likely onto something, because you’ve realized that the structure and balance of the chin has a powerful impact on overall appearance. If you’re considering facial implant surgery, why not take the next step and schedule a consultation? Dr. Torgerson’s chin implant patients meet with him to learn more before determining if a chin implant is right for them.

2. Do you think you have a “weak chin”?

You may find that your jawline is narrow or that your mouth and nose project farther forward than your jaw does. This is easier to spot when viewed from the side. A multitude of facial feature variations for balance and projection is normal, but if you’re bothered by a comparatively smaller recessed chin, an implant could be the solution for you. Booking a consultation will help you learn more about your options.

3. Do you have a pointy chin or a cleft chin?

It’s less commonly known that chin implants or custom jaw implants are designed to reshape and contour the face, not just make the chin bigger. Your issue may be the sense that your chin looks pointy, or a deep cleft in the middle may cause you to feel self-conscious. (Though many people find a cleft chin desirable, not everyone loves this distinctive feature.)

A small, subtle implant can be inserted in front of the chin bone to alter the contour instantly, without adding noticeable size. Minor adjustments measured in mere millimetres have a significant impact and rebalance the whole face. Ask about custom chin implants.

4. Do you want a relatively low-risk cosmetic surgery with minimal recovery time?

Who doesn’t! Genioplasty, which involves moving the jawbone, can be much more invasive than a chin implant and can require lengthy recovery time. The simple insertion of a silicone or Gore-Tex implant will have low complication risk if an experienced, reputable, facial cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure. Dr. Torgerson’s chin implant patients in Toronto can incorporate the Vectra 3D imaging system to help them select the size and shape, then visualize the impact that their chin implant will create.

5. Do you want an alternative to genioplasty?

Genioplasty uses a person’s own bone as an implant, but mentoplasty (chin implant surgery) uses a pre-formed implant, which carries a lower rate of infection and results in less swelling or discomfort during healing. Slightly flexible but extremely strong, Gore-Tex Medpor is porous, enabling facial tissue to incorporate into the implant, locking it securely in place. The whole procedure can be done in 60 minutes with a local anaesthetic, which further reduces associated surgical/anaesthetic risks.

A soft chin strap will be worn for approximately 5 days, and clients will feel tightness in the chin area or minor numbness in the lower lip for 2 to 3 weeks.

Chin implant recovery involves soft foods for a week and antibiotics. Sutures are removed around Day 5. Most patients can return to work and regular life around one week as well, provided that they’re cautious about facial impact. It’s easy to see why Canadian chin implant patients are pleased with the straightforward process and recovery.

6. Does your chin affect your self-esteem?

Many people have a feature or body area that causes frustration and hurts their confidence. Whether it’s your nose, body weight, wrinkles, or a narrow jaw, it’s understandable that you might seek a facial cosmetic surgeon in Toronto to talk about chin implants. Considering how quickly an ill-defined profile can be transformed this way, this is one of the least complicated concerns to correct.

For both men and women, underdeveloped jawbones can create a double chin appearance and may give the impression that they lack confidence or strength. That’s right — the strong, angled jaw and pronounced chin look are not just for men. Although the size and dimensions of implants will differ depending on facial bones and desired effects, females too can improve their appearance with chin implants. They don’t necessarily look masculine or manly at all. An angular and balanced face can appear beautifully strong, yet feminine. A well-proportioned chin can help elongate the neck, which is a beauty ideal in many cultures. You and your surgeon will decide on your appearance goals and the right implant to get you there.

7. Do you want a chin augmentation requiring no maintenance?

The popularity and simplicity of dermal fillers for the chin also make sense for many patients. Hyaluronic acid provides a fast way to safely augment the chin and jaw at a somewhat lower cost than surgery. Unfortunately, chin filler will diminish over time and will last just 9 to 12 months in most cases. If you want to test-drive the look, this is a great way to do it. For people who choose to avoid surgery, chin fillers can be an ideal alternative.

If you want an enhanced jaw or projection for the long term, a surgical chin implant can make more sense. Once it is in place and healed, the device is designed so that patients don’t feel or even think about it. It quickly becomes a normal part of the face, and there’s no need for long-term maintenance.

Book Your Consultation Today!

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it could be well worth your while to see Dr. Torgerson, facial cosmetic surgery specialist. He’ll be pleased to book a consultation with you and explain all you need to know about chin implants and hear your goals and concerns. His feedback is 100% personalized. We look forward to helping you take the next steps toward loving how you look.

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