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When considering nose reshaping in Toronto, it’s reasonable to have questions or feel a little uncertain about the steps to take. With all of the information available on the Web, it can be tricky to decipher which methods for facial cosmetic surgery are the best, safest, and most reliable. You also need to know which nose-reshaping methods should be skipped.

When browsing nose job before and after photos, you may come across cosmetic surgery “deals” or even non-surgical devices that claim to change the nose while avoiding a high rhinoplasty cost. However, can you be sure these methods work? More importantly, how can the average person verify that their surgeon is providing the best nose reshaping Toronto has to offer?

Note* Did you ever hear of a gimmick such as nose massage or devices that claim nose-reshaping capabilities? Ahead, we’ll give you a head’s-up about solutions to skip because they’ll waste your time and money.

Our goal is to explain what experienced rhinoplasty surgeons say are your best options for nose reshaping in Toronto. We’ll clear through the clutter to highlight just 2 dependable options that deliver natural-looking, yet transformative improvements.

Why choose nose reshaping in Toronto?

Many factors motivate a person’s decision to alter their nose. It’s a prominent feature on the face and one of the first things that many people notice. For better or worse, the contours and proportions of one’s nose can influence their whole look considerably. If you’ve ever felt insecure about your nose, you’re not alone. Thousands of people undergo nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto every year. Here are some potential reasons someone like you may choose to enhance their nose by visiting their facial cosmetic surgeon:

  • Bulbous, droopy, or upturned tip
  • Large bump (dorsal hump) or depression on the bridge
  • A very low nasal bridge
  • Wide or upturned nostrils
  • Crooked angle to the tip / nasal asymmetry
  • Repair of an injury or nose break
  • General size alteration to balance with facial features

Sometimes these characteristics are hereditary, and other times they are caused by trauma or even previous nasal surgery. Depending on the degree of change that you’re after, the following are the 2 most effective options to see the improvements that you dream of:

1. Surgical Rhinoplasty

A surgical nose job involves reshaping the nose with a cosmetic operation to change its outward appearance. Conversely, surgery designed just to improve nasal function through septum repair is called septoplasty.

Did you know that remodelling the nose is one of the most common of all plastic surgery procedures chosen by patients today? One of the reasons why nose surgery is so gratifying is that you’ll work closely with an expert facial plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to assess your problem areas and create an individualized plan suited to your features and wishes. Hardly one-size-fits-all, this custom procedure can be uniquely designed to improve several different issues. At the end of your Toronto nose-reshaping process, you can expect a new look achieved through precise adjustments that suit your facial characteristics.

Because surgery on the nose can also address difficulties in breathing caused by a deviated septum, many people choose to combine the aesthetic changes they want to see with a functional improvement that helps them breathe easily. Combining these is referred to as a septorhinoplasty.

There are 2 primary techniques used for surgical nose reshaping in Toronto: open or closed. The open method will require a small incision between your nostrils at the base of the upper lip and small incisions hidden within the nostrils. The closed approach is less invasive and completed through the nostrils only, utilizing specialized camera scope equipment.

During surgery, the bones and cartilage of your nose are gently adjusted. Material may be added or removed, depending on a person’s needs. This is a highly complex subspecialty of facial cosmetic surgery. Many people don’t realize just how intricate and challenging the structures within the nose can be. Facial plastic surgeons who dedicate their practice to the head and neck, especially the nose, will have the in-depth knowledge and experience that you want. Often unpredictable until visible, the various types of cartilage and other nasal tissue must be altered with finely tuned, artistic skill. An expert rhinoplasty surgeon will know how to modify the nose by mere millimetres in some cases to create powerful improvements.

Regardless of gender or ethnic background, a completely personalized nose-reshaping surgery will respect and accentuate your best features while improving the harmony of nasal characteristics. You can expect to change just what you want and nothing you don’t. Make sure that you select a rhinoplasty specialist like Dr. Cory Torgerson if you’re planning a nose job. You can meet with more than one expert to ask questions and compare feedback.

During your consultation for rhinoplasty with Dr. Torgerson, you can relax, ask plenty of questions, and gain experienced advice with no obligation to you. Dr. Torgerson utilizes Vectra 3D digital imaging to help patients visualize an array of options and ensure that they have ample time to make an informed, positive decision. Could surgical nose reshaping in Toronto be right for you? We welcome you to find out! Book your consultation today.

2. Nose reshaping without surgery in Toronto

Options that were unheard of in years past are now a fabulous reality for many. Rhinoplasty is a big commitment, both financially and mentally. For various reasons, including timing, age, aesthetic goals, or finances, people choose to make changes without surgery too. But how is this possible? You may have heard of nose-contouring makeup or even nose yoga, but injectable rhinoplasty is a real 3D, lasting change using only dermal fillers. Rather than an optical illusion created through highlight and shadow makeup, and rather than manipulating the nose with the hope that its shape will change (not likely!), you can really have the size and shape of your nose altered through a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Here’s how it works:

Injectable dermal fillers temporarily mask unevenness or bumps on your nose. They can also change the height of your nose bridge or lift the tip if it’s droopy. Your surgeon will inject filler into your nose in strategic spots to get the desired effect. Much like sculpting with soft clay, using highly cohesive hyaluronic acid (HA) gels under the skin’s surface provides camouflage or sculpting for subtle changes in the appearance of the nose.

The HA in nose filler is a substance naturally produced in your body, mainly found in your connective tissue and skin. Over 9 to 12 months after treatment, the dermal fillers will dissolve and be absorbed into your body. Although the results are temporary, they can dramatically improve the look of your nose for up to a year. It’s also a lower rhinoplasty cost in the short term. So, is non-surgical nose reshaping in Toronto right for you?

Skip the gimmicks:

You’ll need a personal consultation to choose a nose-reshaping method, but in the meantime, we can suggest that you skip stick-on devices, tapes, and “nose exercises” that claim the ability to reshape your nose. Be critical of what you read and see online. Some devices claim to reshape your nose through external pressure, but most surgeons would agree that those devices are ineffective. Cartilage and bone can’t be reduced or permanently reshaped that way. If you want a low-cost, temporary nose job look, the safe alternative to nose filler is contouring makeup, which works very well for enhanced selfies but must be reapplied daily. Injection rhinoplasty allows you to love your new look without daily maintenance or any need for makeup at all.

What to avoid when planning your nose reshaping in Toronto

If you want to ensure a safe and stunning nose improvement, these steps are a must:

  • Please consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon. We can’t stress this enough! The most crucial step in this process is to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of nasal anatomy, including the high-risk areas. The injection rhinoplasty procedure is fun to watch and may appear simple (it can take as few as 5 minutes to complete!), but it is by no means “simple” when it comes to safety. Only an expert will be able to guide you in choosing either a surgical or non-surgical nose job. Don’t stress about making your decision without meeting your expert rhinoplasty surgeon in person. Dr. Torgerson offers consultations to anyone considering nose reshaping, so they can gather information and make a pressure-free, informed decision.
  • Make sure that the physician you speak with is a facial surgery specialist who is certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  • Manage your expectations: The goal of both surgical and non-surgical nose reshaping in Toronto is to restore facial harmony, not to create a “perfect” nose. Your results won’t look the same as someone else’s and will be unique to you. At your first consultation, your surgeon will describe what to expect.

Consultations with Dr. Cory Torgerson

If you’re thinking about nose reshaping in Toronto, Dr. Cory Torgerson will be happy to speak with you. He’s not only an otolaryngologist who specializes in facial plastic surgery, but he’s also an internationally renowned rhinoplasty surgeon, innovator, and speaker with years of experience. Dr. Torgerson has achieved the highest possible training in Canada for expertise in surgery of the head and neck. With Dr. Torgerson, rhinoplasty is advanced, personalized, and refined. His aesthetic eye as a surgeon and his utilization of non-surgical tools like dermal fillers make him highly sought-after for both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs. We invite you to contact us today and book your first appointment.

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