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Hey, did you know that more men and women are having facelifts today than ever before? Facelift cost in Toronto will always be higher than non-surgical options. And given the rise of injectable treatments, what is it about a facelift surgery that makes it a high-demand youth-restorer for even younger clients? Well, several things have changed about facelift techniques over the years.

Today’s facelift results are so incredibly natural that appearing like you’ve had no surgery at all is just one of the many benefits. Read on for our list of factors that keep people flocking to have anti-aging facelift surgery at any cost and learn why the results are well worth it.

Facelift cost in Toronto as an investment?

Among the 40- to 60-year-old demographic, Dr. Torgerson’s facelift patients are often healthy, vibrant, middle-aged people whose careers and social and romantic lives are going strong. Sometimes re-entering the workforce or dating scene at this age can bring to light the desire for a facial refresh. Facelift cost in Toronto is often a valuable investment in confidence and a youthful appearance, which will serve in all those areas.

Plastic surgeons throughout North America have noted that many aging professionals feel it necessary to keep up with their younger-looking counterparts. At one time, it may have been unheard of to resort to plastic surgery to compete in the job market, but in the age of information technology, the trend is gaining momentum. Social media is removing the stigma and secrecy of the facelift procedure. Scrolling through the facelift before and after pictures of a 50-year-old can reveal a lot about the benefits of a surgical rejuvenation to give you an edge in the second half of life. Not so much for the sake of vanity, aging workers opt for facial rejuvenation to create an appearance that tells an employer that they are every bit as capable as someone 20 years younger. This makes the cost of a facelift in Toronto a worthwhile investment if you plan to stay competitive and you need to present yourself with confidence.

Our current social climate and celebrity culture has brought an abundance of acceptance to the idea of plastic surgery, but also education. Facelift surgeons like Dr. Torgerson can provide vital information through social media accounts and informative website pages, including the details of facelift recovery and the cost of facelifts in Toronto.

How is a facelift done?

A facelift targets a combination of facial aging signs, including the loss of collagen in your skin and the atrophy of facial muscles. When fat padding decreases or shifts downward and skin loses elasticity, you can see a gradual downward migration of soft tissue, and deep facial lines or folds develop.

Incisions are made around the ears and into the hairline, then sutured closed once the tissue adjustments are made. Through lifting and repositioning each facial tissue layer, a reversal of these changes can be done beautifully. Factors like exposure to the sun’s rays, smoking, and stress also affect the quality of the skin and bring on advanced aging. Though some aging can be corrected with facial surgery, the cost of a facelift in Toronto doesn’t cover skin resurfacing and complexion repair. Luckily, you can have a complexion that’s smooth and glowing, along with a more lifted look when you work with a skilled facial plastic surgeon. Treatments such as CO2 laser and chemical peels can revitalize your look and are a wonderful complement to your facelift results.

What does a facelift cost in Toronto?

With the advance of technology and demand for skilled facial plastic surgeons, the average cost of a facelift in Toronto ranges from $13,000 to $22,000 + HST with the price subject to change over time. These fees vary depending on the procedure necessary to bring about the desired outcome.

Renowned facelift surgeon Dr. Torgerson works closely with his patients to design both surgical and non-surgical interventions that best meet their needs, based on his extensive knowledge of facelift methods. Because he has dedicated his practice to the head and neck, he’s adept in not only the surgical techniques, but the non-invasive techniques for restoration too. He offers mini facelifts and mid facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid lifts. A neck lift is a common addition to smoothing and revitalizing the mid face. Each client will receive a customized treatment plan that creates just the improvements they need and nothing they don’t.

So what kind of non-surgical facelift procedures are available? We’re glad you asked.

A Facelift Without Surgery

A youthful and confident appearance is attainable not just through a facelift, but also by non-invasive techniques such as dermal fillers and other injectable treatments. It’s essential to mention that so-called “lunch-hour facelifts” that implant threads and hooks do not have the longevity or natural result you’d hope for. While they can create a temporarily smooth appearance, the risk of complications and very short-lived benefits make them undesirable in most cases.

Liquid Facelift

Liquid face lifts are frequently sought after by the late 30s to early 40s age group. It is not uncommon for first-time patients to begin with a non-surgical approach and gradually move to more permanent interventions as they age. Fillers, Botox, and laser treatments come with a lower cost, risk, and recovery time, but unfortunately, they need to be repeated approximately every 9 months to maintain optimal results. Despite this, non-surgical interventions do an excellent job of hanging on to youthful facial volume and softness until you’re ready to take it to the next level.

The Mini Facelift

It’s worth mentioning that one of the reasons why facelift costs in Toronto vary greatly and why younger clients than ever choose this treatment is the mini face lift. The before and after look of a mini facelift will astound many prospective patients who want to slow down the effects of aging. Although it’s known to be less invasive than a full facelift, the mini-facelift results for a suitable candidate can still be quite satisfying, with results that can last up to 5 years.

The mini facelift is considered an entry-level procedure that appeals to younger patients ranging from the mid-30’s to early 50’s when only minimal sagging is apparent. Unlike the full facelift, this approach primarily targets the appearance of cheeks, jowls, and a loose jawline. Because a mini facelift requires less time of both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, this will be reflective in their fees. Facelift cost in Toronto can be well worth it for younger clients who wish to stave off the more dramatic sagging to come, intervene early, and age more gracefully as a result.

The Full Facelift and SMAS (Deep Plane) Facelift

These categories of facelift procedures are more common for people in the mid-50s and over age range and involve the midface, checks, jawline, and often the neck. The skin will be tightened, and if necessary, fat deposits are removed through liposuction or repositioned. It is possible that your surgeon will perform a brow lift, a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), a neck lift, or tightening of the skin around the temple area as part of your full facelift procedure. These customized details are discussed during your planning and consultation phase.

The facelift cost in Toronto will be the highest for a multi-layer SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system), or deep plane, lift that addresses underlying facial muscle, fascia, fat, and skin. The rewards are immense, as an expertly performed surgery can make a person look more than 10 years younger and will last for decades.

Photos of before and after facelifts on 60-year-olds reveal very effective, refined, and harmonious outcomes. The goal is not to reverse a person’s age to 25, but to ensure they look as healthy, vibrant, and attractive as they can at their age. A well-done deep plane lift also ensures that as a person continues to age, the appearance will never be distorted, pulled, or unnatural.

How you can make your facelift results last (and get your money’s worth!)?

While the cost of your facelift surgery in Toronto is significant, the results are in high demand. We want you to look as young and invigorated as you feel. To get the most out of your facelift in Toronto, it’s recommended that lifestyle changes be implemented to mitigate the effects of external factors impacting your new look.

Smoke cessation programs and exercise regimens to reduce stress have been known to be beneficial in maintaining a youthful-looking and natural appearance. Nicotine constricts healthy blood flow because it starves your facial tissue and incisions while healing, which can make scars more apparent. Smoking also prevents your skin cells from being elastic, hydrated, and youthful in the long run.

Speaking of hydration, we recommend that you drink plenty of water and use a high-quality, medical-grade skin cleansing and care program. Your facelift surgeon can recommend nourishing products to feed and pamper your face and protect against damage.

Dr. Cory Torgerson – Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Torgerson has over 18 years of post-secondary education in the areas of general otolaryngology as well as facial plastic surgery. Because his focus and expertise are solely on the head and neck, he is a sought-after speaker and educator throughout North America. His facelift patients often state that they wish they’d booked their procedure earlier.

We welcome you to schedule your private consultation with him today. Find out what life-changing benefits you can get for the price of a facelift!

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