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Each year, cosmetic surgery advances in incredible ways. Increasing numbers of ordinary people see their appearance beautifully transformed through corrective, aesthetic procedures.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto remains one of the most consistently popular choices for men and women of all ages. This surgery for the nose is designed to alter the size, shape, or other characteristics through the surgical sculpting of soft tissue, cartilage, and bone. You may already know that aesthetic changes to the nose can dramatically change a person’s appearance. However, do you know what affects the appearance of the nose?

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Sometimes people are greeted with surprising news when they meet their facial plastic surgeon to discuss the desire for a nose job. You see, while many people are somewhat unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, they tend to overlook other facial features and their proportions and harmony with the nose. After all, noses are in the very center of faces, and for people who feel self-conscious or frustrated about their nose size or projection, it can be hard to consider much else.

The expert eyes of your facial plastic surgeon are trained to study and understand the relationship between all aspects of a person’s face. What they commonly find and share with their rhinoplasty patients is that their chin, in fact, is underdeveloped or recessed, causing the nose to appear more prominent than it really is. For this reason, chin surgery (also referred to as genioplasty or mentoplasty) is in higher demand for people seeking nose jobs. An interesting connection that these two facial surgery procedures share is that one will affect how the other appears. More often than not, patients stand to benefit from a procedure they didn’t previously know about.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto: Did you know your nose has a relationship with your whole face?

Leading facial surgery specialists like Dr. Cory Torgerson can create transformative, lasting improvements to facial proportions through advanced techniques that only specialized facial plastic surgeons have mastered. The nose is an amazingly complex sub-specialty of plastic surgery in its own right, and modern genioplasty techniques have advanced in the hands of skilled facial plastic head and neck surgeons who focus their study and practice in the nose and chin areas. The relationship between these two anatomical features is closely intertwined, yet the average patient will not realize the connection without a little help. Of course, not all rhinoplasty patients have a small, or “weak” chin. However, many do, and they actually perceive their nose as larger than it is because of this proportional imbalance.

How does the nose/chin balance work to create your facial harmony?

Have you ever viewed a picture of your facial profile and noticed that your nose projects much farther than your chin? Retrogenia is a term used to describe a chin and jaw that is under projected, sitting closer to the neck. You may also hear it referred to as a receding chin. Whether they are aware of theirs or not, people often don’t understand the nose-to-chin-to-neck balance. Even a relatively small distance of a few millimetres, when subtracted from the chin and added to the nose, can appear twice as dramatic. This is why an augmentation to increase chin size or slide it forward may be suggested along with your rhinoplasty. It may be that your nose isn’t really too large for your face, and minor adjustments that bring the rest of your features into the correct relationship will deliver the goals you were sincerely hoping for.

What are the types of cosmetic chin surgery that may be combined with a rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Chin and neck procedures are more common than ever today for men and women. The following chin augmentation techniques are the most commonly performed in conjunction with nasal surgery.

Methods for chin augmentation

Alloplastic chin surgery describes the process of adding an implant to the anterior chin to reshape and resize it. Frequently requested, this is a relatively simple but permanent procedure, utilizing one of a few leading chin implant materials. Those materials feel firm to the touch and may be solid silicone or porous polyethylene material. Patients who have a “weak chin” as well as patients with notable asymmetry benefit from building up the projection (how far forward the chin bone sticks out) as well as the length or width of the chin. Just as facial anatomy is unique to each person, the sizes and varieties of available implants are unique too. Pre-formed dimensions and styles can accommodate a wide range of jaws. Many different thicknesses or projections are available, ranging from extremely subtle – just a few millimetres thick – to more substantial, transformative pieces. Jaw angle and mandibular implants are also a possibility for patients who wish to enhance a narrow lower face or who lack definition in the jawbones.

Careful measurements and adjustments can be made to implants before and during the procedure. Chin implantation tends to be less invasive and will have a shorter recovery time than an osseous genioplasty. The entire process takes between 30 and 45 minutes on average. The small incision will be located just under the chin or inside of the mouth, where it will heal quickly and be completely invisible.

Osseous genioplasty, also known as sliding genioplasty, is a versatile procedure that carries a few benefits. These include the fact that a patient’s own chin bone is used to augment the area rather than a foreign material. The bone itself will be cut, then repositioned forward, with the two pieces sliding alongside each other to jut the chin forward. The chin can be moved in any direction and secured again, which is helpful to correct asymmetry or deformity of the jaw. Tiny surgical screws lock the new position, and the lower face is significantly reshaped with just a few millimetres of adjustment. The same process can move a chin backward to be less projecting as well, if desired.
A third option that is non-surgical but temporary is chin filler. Thick, cohesive hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers can be used to fill and project the chin for roughly 9 to 12 months before a secondary treatment is needed. HA fillers are made from a naturally occurring hydrating substance, and the body harmlessly absorbs it over time. Benefits include the lower price tag, quick procedure, anesthesia-free treatment, and the instant result. The material is soft, however, and there is a limited amount of augmentation or definition that can be achieved this way, so it will not deliver very dramatic changes. Many people enjoy being able to see what a subtle chin enhancement would look like before committing to a chin augmentation surgery. Therefore, fillers can be an effective way to try out a new look.

Why choose Dr. Torgerson for your consultation?

The results that can be achieved through the combination of Toronto rhinoplasty and chin surgery are dramatic. Often, a person’s facial proportions and perceived attractiveness are so significantly improved through this combination that it has a reputation for being the most powerful “makeover” procedure in the field of facial cosmetic surgery.

Because people often don’t know much about the complexity of facial anatomy, they need to see a facial plastic surgeon in person to be examined and learn about their options. That’s why in-depth consultations are so crucial. Your ideal cosmetic surgeon will take ample time with you to thoroughly explain the procedure, the possible outcomes, realistic expectations, and drawbacks too. After all, they spent years studying these subtle facial characteristics, and they don’t expect you to know all about it.

Dr. Torgerson takes great care to ensure every patient feels well informed and listened to when discussing self-improvement through facial cosmetic surgery. The more you learn about the process and outcomes, the more confident you’ll be and satisfied with your result. During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson will show you images with examples you can relate to. He will also use 3D imaging to give you a clear picture of your expected changes. When people see how they’ll look with not only their dream nose, but also with the angle of the neck and jaw corrected, along with the size and projection of lower face features in harmony, they’re often completely amazed and incredibly excited to go ahead.

Did you know the nose and chin were so closely related?

That’s right. These features are all super friendly and connected. If you change one, you may affect them all. Just as a small chin can make the nose look larger, dramatically reducing nose size may cause other features to look bigger. Maybe this is part of your aesthetic plan, but your facial plastic surgeon is well equipped to help you consider all the factors. There can be exponential benefits to adding a chin augmentation or genioplasty to your Toronto rhinoplasty procedure.

What should you expect?

Rhinoplasty Toronto

Depending on the specific work that is done for both the nose and the chin, recovery experiences can vary quite a lot. While most people will be advised to take a couple of weeks off work, the good news is that facial cosmetic surgery doesn’t tend to cause significant pain during the post-op period. Nevertheless, you should expect swelling and bruising that takes at least two weeks to subside.

Adding a small implant to the chin area will not dramatically alter your rhinoplasty recovery experience. More in-depth jaw surgery can come with a longer list of post-procedure restrictions and special considerations.

In most cases, the combination of two or more treatments will reduce associated costs, and the combined recovery time will be less than it would have been for each operation separately.

To learn more about your personal options and what Dr. Torgerson recommends to help you reach your facial goals, we welcome you to contact us and schedule an appointment today. The key to the phenomenal natural results that our patients love is the personalized planning and care that each person receives. Come in and tell us what you’re considering. We’re happy to answer your questions and plan a harmonious new look with you.

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