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Reasons To Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy

Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that describes a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures that aim to enhance, tighten, and tone the vaginal area.

It has become very popular as more women feel free to talk about normal body changes and intimate problems. The number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures has steadily increased over the past years, and with rising popularity among younger women, more than 60% of the procedures are being performed on women between the ages of 20 and 39. The reasons why women to choose vaginal rejuvenation are personal and unique, but each patient has a similar goal – to improve their feminine well-being through physical improvement and repair.

The most common reasons for women to undergo vaginal rejuvenation are cosmetic and aesthetic concerns related to the external vulva. The labia minora will often change over time, become asymmetric and uncomfortable, or just no longer have the appearance that a woman wants. Labiaplasty is a relatively simple and common surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are not limited to cosmetic issues, however. There are several situations in which tissue changes require medical treatment.

Women who have experienced multiple vaginal deliveries may find that their vagina is overstretched or even torn. After many births, the vagina has difficulty regaining its initial tightness, and the surrounding support tissue can fail, causing a shift in the position of the uterus, bladder, or rectum. When these structures are not held firmly in their correct position, discomfort and dysfunction can become an issue. A bladder prolapse involves the bladder herniating into the vagina, creating uncomfortable pressure and difficulty urinating.

A rectal prolapse is similar, but instead of the bladder, the rectum protrudes into the vagina and causes functional issues. Uterus prolapse is relatively common as well. A quick physical exam will be able to determine whether you are experiencing one of these issues. Prolapse can be treated surgically or, in some cases, with leading-edge laser technology such as ProlapLase by Fotona. The treatment triggers collagen and elastin fibres to rebuild strong support and muscle tone.

The enlargement of the vagina can decrease sexual satisfaction, and dry mucous membranes may cause pain during intercourse. With the right vaginal rejuvenation therapy, the vaginal walls can be restructured, strengthened, and tightened. Fotona’s IntimaLase and RenovaLase are specially designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and to increase blood flow to the area. Mucous membranes inside the vagina increase lubrication to relieve inflammation and increase comfort. The thermal pulsed energy stimulates collagen and elastin production for strong, healthy tissue.

A frequent medical problem for many women is stress urinary incontinence. This is the involuntary loss of urine when intra-abdominal pressure due to coughing, running, sneezing, etc., exceeds the resistance from urethral closure mechanisms. Restructuring and strengthening the ligaments and muscles that support the bladder and urethra as well as improving circulation and the production of collagen and elastin in targeted urethral tissue can eliminate these unwanted urine leakages. Women report instant improvement with IncontiLase by Fotona and the ongoing reduction in urine leakage after 120 days.

Reasons for vaginal rejuvenation may include damage to the pelvic region caused by trauma, obesity, chronic respiratory problems, bowel issues, pelvic cancers and/or surgeries, hysterectomies, and genetic defects.

Whatever your reason, if you are considering a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with one of our female laser nurses. She can talk to you about the most suitable treatment options personalized for you.

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