The Top Causes of Hair Loss

Millions of people worldwide suffer the agony that often accompanies hair loss.

It is little consolation to them that so many others share the same malady, as the effects of thinning hair must be endured individually. It is commonly believed that only men experience thinning, balding, or a receding hair line, but women are also the victims of this condition. Beauty and hair are often synonymous, therefore thinning hair often causes women even more distress than men. Another misconception is that hair loss is most often a symptom related to aging, but this is not the case. 25% of males begin losing hair before the age of 25. For young people who are just beginning to walk down a career path and who want to look their best to attract a mate, this can be devastating.

Factors That Can Cause Hair Loss

Why Do People Lose Hair?

So why do so many people lose hair? Although it is definite that genetics plays a significant role in hair loss, there are many other factors that can cause hair to become thin. Some of these are medical treatments such as chemotherapy, medical conditions such as an under-active thyroid or an immune disorder, skin diseases, burns, iron or vitamin deficiency, menopause and pregnancy, types of medication, and hormonal changes.

The hairs on our heads are always cycling. Hair grows in a cavity known as a follicle for 2 to 6 years. When the old hair falls out, a new hair grows from that follicle. 85% of our hair is in the growth stage, and only 15% of our hair is not. Loss of hair is normal, but thinning hair occurs when the hair does not replace itself.

The most common type of hair loss is found in men and is called male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopiecia. This usually occurs when the hair follicles shrink and become smaller. When the old hair falls out, a new hair fails to grow back in the small follicle. By the age of 50, 85% of North American men have significantly thinner hair.

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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss is much less common, but is possible. It most often occurs after menopause. Usually, women experience hair thinning over the entire area of their scalps, not just in one area. As with their male counterparts, this hair loss is inevitable. The best candidates for hair restoration have lost hair for more than 5 years, and their balding has stabilized.

Fortunately, the FUE NeoGraft hair restoration system is available, providing thousands of people worldwide with the restoration of hair as well as their self-worth. This innovative technology, approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, provides hair loss patients with an effective, method of restoration that is both comfortable and requires almost no downtime. NeoGraft technology has been used consistently on both males and females.

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s private surgery facility in downtown Toronto is proud to offer this state-of-the-art hair replacement procedure. By making a phone call and booking a consultation today, you will begin your journey to a fuller head of hair!

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