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Did you know that acne scars don’t have to be bothersome? While there are a number of treatment options on the market, thousands of patients have had remarkable outcomes by working with a medical professional trained in the use of an IPL (intense pulsed light) laser. These treatments can potentially resolve acne scars, effectively, and affordably.

While it may take more than a single treatment to yield the desired results, these laser treatments are becoming more and more popular thanks to their efficacy at resolving not only acne scars, but other skin problems as well, such as the lines, wrinkles, and creases typical of the natural ageing process.

Laser skin treatments can also be used to restore a more cohesive look to the pigmentation after damage to the skin has occurred through either the aging process (“age spots” or “liver spots”) or from damage caused by the environment (“sun spots”). For now, however, let’s explore how an IPL laser skin treatment works and how it can potentially resolve not only acne scars, but currently occurring acne outbreaks as well.

How Can an IPL Laser Skin Treatment Resolve Acne Scars?

An IPL laser is a piece of medical equipment that creates a very narrowly focused and highly concentrated beam of light. This light passes through the upper layers of the skin and improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin by reducing the amount of blemishes, acne scarring, and even rosacea. Areas that are treated with this form of laser generally appear to be smoother and younger, though multiple treatments are generally necessary for traditional IPL treatments.

IPL – AFT (advanced fluorescence technology) is a form of IPL laser treatment that can be thought of as the next generation of this popular technology. Rather than requiring multiple treatments, most patients will only require 1 or 2, and the treatment is generally thought to be far more effective, as the AFT technology utilizes multiple wavelengths of light.

Can IPL Laser Skin Treatment Help a Current Acne Outbreak as Well?

Yes. IPL laser treatments can simultaneously treat both acne scarring as well as current acne outbreaks as well, and it may potentially reduce the likelihood of future outbreaks. This is because the light beam (laser) will also target the bacteria in the skin that is responsible for promoting the continued occurrence of acne. The sebaceous glands will also likely produce less oil after a treatment, and with less oil comes less acne.

Because acne develops when the cells of the skin don’t shed properly—meaning they don’t come off of your body—having these glands unblocked will substantially reduce the likelihood of more acne forming, as sebum, oils, and bacteria will no longer be trapped within them (thus causing irritation on the skin). The scars that usually accompany current outbreaks of acne will also be reduced.

Discover More About IPL Laser Skin Treatments

To learn more about IPL laser skin treatments and how they might be able to reduce or fade away the appearance of acne scars on your skin, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with a certified and experienced medical practitioner with the ability to administer these kinds of treatments. If you’d like to get started with the services of an award-winning plastic surgeon, please feel warmly encouraged to contact the offices of Dr. Cory Torgerson, who has access to IPL – AFT treatment equipment at his laser clinic in Toronto. To schedule a consultation, dial (647) 343-0207 at your earliest convenience—but don’t wait too long to take charge of your appearance.

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