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Do men care less than women about how they look? There may be a commonly shared belief that this is true, but the numbers of men seeking facial cosmetic surgery and other anti-ageing procedures today are increasing rapidly. It seems that men don’t wish to appear tired or older than they are. And in Toronto, cosmetic surgery consultations for eyelid surgery, facelifts, and injectables have skyrocketed. There’s even a popular term coined just for men undergoing wrinkle-reducing injectables: Brotox.

How widespread is male cosmetic enhancement? In the U.S. last year, 1.3 million procedures on men were recorded by plastic surgeons. The numbers have increased greatly in the past two decades.

Guys who are new to this world and want to navigate their best options may need a few expert tips to help guide them. After all, there’s a deluge of information surrounding cosmetic surgery in Toronto online, and not all of it is accurate or geared toward men. We’ve gathered a few tips we think are useful for male patients in particular as they seek to look and feel like their most vibrant selves.

1. First, have you considered non-surgical options?

For plenty of people, the term “plastic surgery” conjures vague images of tight faces, and people aren’t exactly sure what’s involved. Men, in particular, may not be aware of all the many customizable and less invasive options available today.

As we begin to lose collagen and elastin over the years, skin naturally creases, sags, and looks less healthy through no fault of our own. Men who are staying in the workforce longer than before and want to keep that competitive edge need to take great care of their skin. There are a few ways that their local cosmetic surgeon can help.

Medical-grade skin care

Do facials sound feminine to you? We can bust that myth. Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Yorkville clinic treats plenty of men for complexion care that keeps them looking young, but not “done”. Check out the latest resurfacing, hydrating, and dead skin cell-blasting options that men are booking for themselves. You can have a peel, cleansing, and polish to remove dull skin, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation or go more in-depth with micro-needling to stimulate collagen, smooth skin, and tone the face and neck. If you feel a little less firm than you once did, you may see crow’s-feet around the eyes, lines around the mouth, flatter cheeks, and a somewhat tired appearance. A surgical facelift is not always the necessary intervention. Deep cleaning and revitalizing of facial skin improves elasticity, removes irregular colouring, and takes years off the appearance.

Injectables for men

Neuromodulators such as Botox weaken the dynamic facial muscles between the brows and around the eyes that lead to furrows and creasing over time. Many physicians approach injectables for men a little differently than for women. Because it may be more socially acceptable and attractive for men to wear a few lines like a badge of character, full-face smoothing isn’t usually the goal. Plenty of regular guys want to look happy and a little younger without removing all of the ruggedness of their appearance. Neck bands can also be an age give-away, and a quick dose of Botox minimizes or eradicates them for an average of 4 months. Don’t worry, from liquid facelifts to extremely subtle, “barely there” adjustments, Dr. Torgerson is experienced in treating men’s unique facial needs.

Dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid are natural gels that hold water and fill in depressed, hollowed areas or deep lines. Through a fine needle or cannula, filler can be placed in the cheeks, laugh lines, and jawline to build a more angular, confident look or to soften deep folds and lift the midface. Fillers are useful under the eyes to remove shadows and hide bags. Need to look rested? You’d be surprised by what fillers can do. The results last an average of 6 to 9 months with some types staying put longer. Talk to your Toronto cosmetic surgeon about a combination of injectables to refresh your face without surgery.

2. You’ll need to do some homework

Flashy marketing is enough to grab attention, but don’t let that be the only reason you select a particular Toronto clinic for cosmetic surgery. You’ll need to gather intelligence about the particular procedure you want and determine whether a particular practitioner has experience in that area specifically. You can find excellent surgeons renowned for stellar breast augmentation results, but for the man seeking eyelid surgery, those doctors may not be the best. Read their credentials and what they say in their own words about their particular, chosen specialties. Facial cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Cory Torgerson have extensive surgical training in head and neck procedures plus advanced cosmetic surgery techniques for the face. Surgeons who are Royal College-certified in Canada have passed rigorous oral and written exams and are accountable to ongoing education and strict practice requirements. You’ll want to visit someone experienced in treating men often. Male facial anatomy and the usual desired interventions are unique to them. The more you work in a specific area, the better you become, and this holds true for cosmetic surgery.

Due to privacy restrictions, you may need to see photo examples of surgery results in the office, but you can read reviews, read detailed information about their training and practice history, and then set up an appointment to meet in person. It’s highly recommended that you visit at least one cosmetic surgeon in person to talk about your goals and ask questions before making a decision. The purpose of such appointments is to learn everything you need to know about the procedure, possible outcomes, and recovery and to get a good feel of the surgeon as a person. Trusting your gut is fine here. Even if someone checks all the right boxes, trust your instinct if you feel rushed, don’t have your questions answered, or don’t feel comfortable with their bedside manner. It’s essential that you feel at ease, because not only the skillful surgery but the aftercare as well are vital to your experience. You’ll be getting to know this man or woman much better as you plan your treatment and then visit for follow-up appointments. Go with someone who makes you feel comfortable and stands out as a leader in their field.

3. Plan to rest and take care of your health after Toronto cosmetic surgery procedures

You may be a tough guy who never stops at the grind, works hard, plays hard, etc. We applaud that – but not after surgery! It can be challenging for both men and women to slow down and recover well after undergoing a procedure. If you live a busy lifestyle or rarely take time off work, it might be considered a drawback of surgery that you need to temporarily alter this. We promise that the benefits to you and the long-term insurance for results will be well worth it.


Plastic surgery can’t replace a healthy diet, exercise, ample rest, and hydration. Ongoing sun protection and quality skin care (gentle cleansing, moisture, and protective serums) all play a role. When we’re young, our skin seems to take care of itself, and unfortunately, many men grow up thinking it will always be that way, but after 30, our natural skin-smoothing and hydrating capabilities break down, making us look older. If you want to keep your fresh new look going, ask your cosmetic surgeon about simple skincare regimens to protect what you have.


Plan to rest. You’ll likely be advised to temporarily pause the gym and other aerobic or strenuous activity after facial surgery. There are excellent reasons for this. Running around gets your blood pressure and heart rate up, which also increases swelling and circulation to the face. Increased pressure is not ideal for healing, feels painful, and can even cause unwanted bleeding. You’ll need to keep your head elevated for a week or two while resting and sleeping and, after hair transplant surgery, avoid direct contact for a time. No one likes to be out of commission, so both men and women with demanding jobs find it hard to be away for more than a week. You may need to be, or you could work from home as long as you’re doing light desk work.

All the restrictions might feel, well . . . restrictive. But if you’re investing your time and finances into physical, aesthetic improvements, you’ll want to heed medical advice, plan for that time off, and really allow yourself the most from your treatment. Plan to have some great movies, books, or enriching but relaxing activities on hand. Ask friends or family for help if you need household cleaning, pet care, or other tasks done. Everybody deserves a break, including you. We suggest you take this time to recharge, set some goals, enjoy de-stressing, and plan to get back stronger and better than ever before.

If you’re interested in improving something about your appearance, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Dr. Torgerson’s clinic will be happy to arrange a consultation that suits your schedule and provide what you need to know when deciding next steps. Dr. Torgerson is a renowned facial plastic surgeon and one of the elite few in Canada with an MD, Ph.D., and FRCSC. His advanced training and focus on facial, head, and neck surgery set him apart, and his keen, artistic eye for natural, harmonious, aesthetic results make him highly sought after by men and women. When you’re ready to make a change, he’d like to meet you.
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