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Best Injectable Fillers in Canada

Plastic surgery centres around the world are no longer strictly performing surgeries

The introduction of non-invasive facial cosmetic procedures by pharmaceutical and medical companies has changed the entire industry. Going under the knife was once the only method to counteract the effects of aging, but that is no longer the case. Injectable fillers are sometimes referred to as the “liquid facelift” and have become extremely popular. This is due to the fact that men and women alike desire to stay attractive, despite their age, and also because fillers are affordable, quick, and extremely effective.

Teosyal Ultra Deep is a product that can give the appearance of a youthful and full chin, restoring its natural shape

Different Types of Dermal Fillers

There are many different types of dermal fillers available, and the difference is based on what area of the face they’re best suited for, their consistency, and what they’re made of. Health Canada follows strict guidelines before approving any cosmetic product, and the labs are continually making improvements, which has resulted in fillers being almost risk-free. Medical professionals might have a difference of opinion on which product they prefer to inject, but product sales reveal what the top selling brands are in Canada.

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that has had more clinical studies done on it than any other dermal filler. HA is a naturally occurring sugar in our bodies and is found in most of the popular brands of dermal fillers. Studies have concluded that Restylane is one of the premium fillers. It lasts about 6 months before being absorbed back into the body. It is popular because it can be used in any area of the face with little side effects. Restylane was produced by Q Med, but was recently purchased by Galderma, a worldwide dermatology and pharmaceutical company.

Juvederm is also an HA filler that has been approved for use in Canada since 2004. It has a smoother consistency than some fillers, which is the reason many professionals find it effective when injected into the lips. It normally lasts between 6 and 12 months. Juvederm was manufactured by Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company. Juvederm’s marketing pitch is “everyone will notice; no one will know.”

The product will only restore facial volume that was lost and not add, thereby eliminating the fear of looking overdone

Effective Treatment

Teosyal Ultra Deep is often injected in larger quantities compared to other Teosyal products. Even though this dermal filler is dramatically effective, it does not require an incision and is not a major or traumatic procedure for the patient. There is minimal pain involved in the procedure and major results. Teosyal Ultra Deep can last up to 12 months in a patient, but to maintain the full effect, a top-up is required about 9 to 12 months post-treatment, depending on the patient.

Did You Know?

Many people don’t know that Ultra Deep was upgraded from a 1-mL size to a 1.2-mL size.

  • This provides the patient with better, more effective results for the treated area, as there is 20% more product.
  • Teosyal Ultra Deep can be layered on top of Teosyal Ultimate dermal filler to achieve a more projected look.
  • A good rule of thumb to know how many syringes you will need is your age: Typically, people in their twenties may need 2 or 3 syringes, people in their thirties may need 3 or 4 syringes, etc.

However, with Ultra Deep you may not even need to invest as much as the guidelines indicate because of the product’s ability to deeply project and the 1.2 mL size.

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