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Choosing the Right Type of Dermal Filler

The best way to determine the type of filler

Consulting a medical doctor who is skilled and qualified in the rejuvenation of facial treatments is the best way to choose the filler that is suitable for your skin condition and the areas you are seeking to improve. At our clinic, we offer consultations for new patients at our downtown Yorkville Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic. Patients who are interested in facial rejuvenation can obtain valuable information at a one-on-one consultation to discuss their anti-ageing options in treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands.

Types Of Fillers

The Quickest Method To Achieve Facial Rejuvenation

Our doctors offer non-invasive wrinkle treatments for their patients who are interested in achieving a refreshed appearance of their face without any downtime. The innovation in facial fillers has been sophisticatedly progressing with biotech companies formulating target-specific filler products for the face. Filler products that are categorically formulated for independent injection sites demonstrate many advantages over the all-in-one filler products that we have seen before (e.g. Juvéderm).

Choosing the right type of filler is equally as important as choosing the physician who performs the injections. Many factors come into consideration when choosing the right type of filler. Some of the key elements that are instrumental in the decision process of selecting the right type of dermal filler product include the following.


The price of dermal fillers can vary quite a bit. Establishing a cost and budget plan will ease the concerns that some people may have in regard to the price. It can also help patients avoid any unexpected costs. Building a budgetary plan helps the physician determine the best type of filler treatment based on the amount of product required and how it can be distributed to the areas of concern.


The longevity of the dermal filler is usually closely related to the cost of the injections. Dermal fillers that last longer periods (6 months and over) tend to have higher associated costs, as the product remains in the skin for a longer period of time. Fillers that last longer than the average 3- to 6-month range contain higher cross-linking properties. Cross-linking properties are the chemical and mechanical properties that occur underneath the skin, which produces the anti-aging results seen in the skin when filler products are injected into the dermis.

Treatment Area(s)

Dermal Filler Treatments

The area(s) of treatment are also important when selecting the right type of filler product. Single treatment areas like the lips, eyes, or cheeks allow for the election of area-specific products. Teosyal by Teoxane offers an extensive range of products like Teosyal Kiss, which is specifically formulated for the delicate lip area. Teosyal also has Redensity l or ll for the eye area. The Teosyal product range is our doctors’ preferred choice of dermal fillers because Teosyal dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid compounds that are specifically formulated for exclusive areas on the face.

Skin Condition

The condition of the skin prior to injection will regulate the amount of dermal filler that will be required along with the injection techniques that will be exercised by our doctors. The depth of wrinkles along with the patient’s age and lifestyle are determining factors in selecting the appropriate filler product for patients. Other factors include sun damage, irregularities like pigmentation, discoloration, moles, scars, and other visible signs of skin damage. These all play a role in which treatments should be used.


Dermal fillers are an ongoing anti-ageing regimen. Patients who regularly maintain their filler injections in a timely manner consequently end up with natural results with long-lasting effects. One of the most important elements in maintaining consistent dermal filler results is to have the treated area re-injected prior to the product being fully absorbed by the body. Typically, 4 weeks prior to the “lasting” period is ideal for the re-injection of pre-existing sites. For example, if your lip filler product lasts 6 months, then it is advisable to schedule a follow up appointment to get re-injected at about 5 months after the initial injection. People who regularly receive dermal fillers will require less product overtime because the body will become accustomed to the increased production of collagen and will continue to produce extra collagen to support the areas that have been injected with dermal fillers.


Another component in the selection process of dermal fillers is the physician performing the treatment. Some plastic surgeons or doctors have a type of injectable that they prefer to use for their patients. Our doctors believe in the quality of Teoxane’s Teosyal dermal filler product line, so that is why it is our preferred choice in dermal fillers for patients at our Toronto Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic. If you are interested in facial fillers or in maintaining your existing filler injections, contact our office for a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors!

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