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10 Things You Are Going to Wish You Knew Before Getting Lip Fillers in Toronto

In recent years we’ve seen everyone from YouTubers, Insta-famous women, and our favourite actresses fill up their lips to create dramatic, sultry pouts.

Jumping on a beauty trend can be oh-so-tempting. In Toronto, lip fillers are still an extremely hot trend, but luckily, we can observe the average augmentation taking on a more natural look. The “trout pout” look of obviously filled lips is less common today. Just as with any good thing, it’s possible to overdo it or to have a bad experience due to inadequate education and planning. To get the most from your lip enhancement experience, here are 10 key pieces of information so you can be well prepared and set for success.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment

1. Select a qualified and experienced Toronto lip-filler doctor

Surprisingly, this wise advice is often overlooked when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, because people tend to think of the lip filler as less risky and, therefore, requiring less expertise. While minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures do often carry fewer health risks, they are not entirely risk-free or foolproof. Just as you would if planning a breast augmentation or facelift, research your doctor to make sure they have the training and experience to do a great job. Expertly augmented lips require in-depth medical knowledge along with an artistic technique developed through experience. We’ve all seen disastrous-looking augmentation effects. Even though some people actually seek out that aesthetic, often the “botched” look is the result of a lack of experience on the injector’s part. Hyaluronic acid (HA) injection done poorly can not only look terrible, but it may also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

2. Get prepared before your Toronto lip filler treatment

You’ll be asked to avoid medications and supplements that increase bleeding and bruising. Many people don’t realize that their vitamin E capsules or ginseng smoothies can result in unwanted effects during injections. One week before your procedure, you should avoid aspirin, Advil, and other blood-thinning medication as long as your primary physician has cleared you to do so. Supplements to avoid include fish oils, vitamin E, ginseng, gingko biloba, and St.-John’s-wort. You may also want to avoid alcohol the day before. One glass won’t have much effect, but if you drink a large amount of alcohol in the days prior to injection, you could have some excess bruising and swelling. Bruising or swelling typically takes 10 to 14 days to resolve, so it can be pretty frustrating and difficult to cover with makeup. Doing what you can to avoid bruises will save you some frustration.

Improving Your Lips

3. Please don’t overdo it

We get it – cosmetic treatments can be pricey, and many people want to get as much bang for their buck as possible. The problem with overdoing facial enhancements is that more is often not better, and it may leave you with regrets. You can always get topped up later, so for your first treatment, take it slow, make subtle changes, and see how comfortable you are with the new look before adding more. Your physician injector is an artist. They genuinely want their clients to look fabulous, not overdone or silly. Once you’ve found a reputable practitioner, try to listen to their guidance and trust them when they tell you you’ve hit your target.

4. Consider the effect you really want

Sometimes people don’t put much thought into the type of enhancement they desire. They think of the procedure as a one-size-fits-all treatment where the desired result is always to be bigger. That may be true for many, but for others, balancing symmetry, improving the proportion of one lip, defining borders, or smoothing away fine lines could be the goal. Carefully consider what you want before scheduling a consultation, then let your injector know what you envision. It can be helpful to bring “wish pics”, but ensure that the person in the picture shares anatomical traits with you. If their natural lips are entirely different from yours, then comparing yourself will not be useful.

5. Pay attention to the possible risks your injector informs you of

Though problems arising after Toronto lip injections are rare when carried out by a skilled professional, you need to know the realities of any potential risks. These may include bleeding and bruising in the area, the development of a cold sore, or very rarely, allergic reaction. It’s helpful to know that hyaluronidase is a substance used to dissolve HA immediately, and your injector will have it on hand if needed. Ensure that your doctor uses a brand-new sealed syringe in plain view and that your treatment area is clean and professional.

Selecting a Lip Product That Suits You Best

6. Consider different types of cosmetic filler

Today we have so much choice for lip products that the options may seem overwhelming. The good thing about variety is that there is a product developed to suit almost every person or specific need. Hyaluronic acid formulations are the most commonly used and safe Toronto lip filler options. Examples include Juvéderm, Voluma, Volbella, and Restylane, which are available in a variety of consistencies to create different effects. They’ll last between 6 and 24 months, depending on the type and the rate a person’s body metabolizes the product. Your expert injector will be happy to chat about your goals so that they can help you select a product that suits you best.

7. The procedure is quicker and easier than you think

The appointment, including consultation, will usually take less than an hour. Depending on how much product you have injected, you could even be in and out in 30 minutes. Unlike many cosmetic treatments, the effects from dermal filler can be seen instantly. Mild swelling is expected, and it may last between 24 and 48 hours, so you’ll need to be patient for a day or so to see your final results. Your injector may advise you to massage the product in gently, and you’ll find that it feels firm for a few days. There’s no downtime or time off work required, which is one reason the treatment is so appealing.

The Temporary Nature of Dermal Fillers

8. You might want to avoid applying numbing creams

The lips are sensitive. That first pinprick can sting, and most doctors will offer a topical numbing agent to desensitize the whole area, making the insertion of a needle virtually painless. However, swelling can be a side effect of topical anaesthetics. The effects last for a couple of hours, and for some people the affected tissue appears puffy. That can mean they will need to wait a bit longer to really know how much of a change their lips have undergone. The hyaluronic acid (HA) product contains lidocaine to dull sensation as well, which takes effect after the first injection. If you can tolerate the procedure without topical numbing, you may prefer to.

9. Proceed with caution when enticed by discount deals

Most cosmetic surgery clinics will offer promos and deals on various treatments throughout the year. However, there are a few things that should raise a red flag. When a spa that does not have proper medical staff and safety standards offers extremely cheap filler, it’s a sign to run in the other direction. It’s not uncommon to have $100 to $150 deducted from the price of a syringe, but typically, you should expect to pay between $600 and $1,200 per 1 cc. So if you see deals offering dermal filler treatment at drastically lower prices, you should ask critical questions about the product and injector quality. If a deal looks too good to be true, it likely is. HA gel isn’t cheap, but it can be well worth it.

10. Lip filler isn’t permanent

For some people, that’s a key selling feature, and for others, a drawback. Many people appreciate that they can have fuller lips without a lifelong commitment. If they add a little too much, they can just wait for it to fade or even dissolve it. Other people will count the cost of treatment once or twice per year over a decade and decide that surgical lip augmentation would be far more cost-effective. HA does tend to boost collagen production and naturally stimulate more HA and hydration in the areas where it’s placed, so this may result in the need for less product over time. This effect isn’t entirely predictable or reliable though. Therefore, maintaining the perfect pout often means regular trips to the cosmetic clinic. The temporary nature of dermal fillers is ideal for people feeling a little nervous about their first lip enhancement. They can enjoy the results for a long time, but remain in control of their appearance.

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