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Lip Filler/Augmentation Techniques

When most women think of lip filler, the first image that may pop into their mind is the dreaded “duck bill” (gasp!).

This is not always the case. When in the hands of an experienced and artistic surgeon, the most, beautiful, natural results can be achieved!

What Is Injected Into the Lips?

Achieving Natural and Long-lasting Results

The product that is most commonly used in medical offices today is hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a sugar that is naturally present in most of our body’s tissues. HA is a very safe product that lasts much longer than collagen or other injectables. At our clinic, we prefer using Teosyal because it offers the most natural and long-lasting results.

Many doctors are now using different techniques to create more realistic lips. Lip tenting is achieved by injecting filler vertically near the border of the lips (“the white roll”) rather than parallel. This allows the doctor to more easily control the volume and shape of the lips. This method is recommended for fashioning a more contoured lip line for older patients and for adding more volume in the central body of the lips for younger patients.

What Kind of Techniques Can Be Used to Achieve the Most Coveted Pout?

The “Keyhole Pout” Technique

The “keyhole pout” technique is used when patients want a mouth with more character or an Angelina Jolie pout. This is achieved when a piece of string or dental floss is forcefully held vertically down the middle of a patient’s bottom lip and sometimes the top lip to create a natural divot or indentation while the doctor injects the filler on either side of the string. This in turn creates that soft, pillowy, sexy, full lip effect.

Only trust a certified facial plastic surgeon or doctor. They can safely help you attain the longest-lasting, truly gorgeous results!

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