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Toronto Lip Filler: Why the Look Went from Puffy to Perfect

In Toronto, lip filler treatments are so prevalent in 2019 that you may not even notice when you pass by a person who had a little help with their pout. You might have dabbled in lip augmentation yourself. After all, this injectable cosmetic treatment has been popularized worldwide for the past 5 years or so. Find out why the lip filler look has gone from puffy to perfect.

Celebrity mouths have gradually volumized before our eyes. In fact, the words, “lip filler” might bring to mind some not-so-desirable images for you — fish lips, duck face — this generation has collectively and finally decided that that look is passé.

So what’s on trend for 2020? The ideal accented mouth is still very much in style, but the way expert injectors go about enhancing this sultry facial feature has modernized in many ways. From advanced lip filler formulations to subtle and ultra-natural techniques, we’re here to explain why puffy is out, but beautifully touched-up lips are in.

How safe is lip filler in Toronto?

Lip Filler Toronto

Dermal filler injections may seem as straightforward as hair colouring or manicures these days, but the reality is seriously different. When performed by a skilled and appropriately qualified injector, fillers are considered safe, but in the wrong hands, this quick treatment can go sideways. Today’s trends in facial cosmetic treatments put safety first.

Known as a “lunchtime procedure”, lip filler in Toronto clinics should come with a thorough consultation and a detailed explanation of health considerations. Toronto lip filler tends to be one of the fastest dermal filler treatments, but there are always risks to know about before any treatment. Be sure that your injector explains the pros and cons and that you read through the consent forms before signing.

How can you choose the best Toronto lip filler physician for you?

New trends in facial fillers involve seeking out a dedicated specialist for your work. We recommend that you steer clear of steep discounts and less professional “beauty spas” where you aren’t assured of appropriate medical licencing and knowledge.

Even for treatments that you expect to be “easy”, botched outcomes happen. Did you know that your lips have various components, multiple regions to inject, and other regions to leave alone? Did you know that the angle, depth, and approach to filling different zones will achieve different aesthetic outcomes? There’s a lot to know about lip anatomy, so you’ll want a specialist.

Lip Fillers in Toronto

Types of lip fillers

Lip fillers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Getting distinctive enhancements (and avoiding what you don’t want) often comes down to choosing an experienced, advanced cosmetic injector. Here’s how to ensure that you meet with a great one:

Check Credentials

To be assured of your safety and count on excellent outcomes, we recommend that you see only a Royal College-certified physician or facial plastic surgeon who performs this procedure regularly. They’ll have a collection of before and after pictures showing lip filler results, and you should see consistent results  you like.

Subtle Approach

Another mark of professionalism to expect is a cautious, measured approach. Injecting the face has become a highly refined skill set, and medical professionals with superior experience and training can offer better injection strategies with a wide range of tools.

Many practitioners won’t inject more than roughly one syringe in the lips if it’s your first treatment and depending on the natural state of your lips. Expect to build a gradual size increase, even if dramatic changes are your aim. Temporary swelling is common after lip augmentation, and it will take time for your tissue to relax while accommodating new volume. You can always add on to results, but it’s prudent to begin with a “less is more” ideal.

The new approach for lip filler in Toronto is not to leave the office with a “blown up” look. Instead, the goal of lip filler is to build soft volume over time and to keep things in check if they start to appear unnatural. An injector who guides you honestly about harmonious, natural outcomes will be valuable in case you lose perspective.

What are Lip Fillers Made From?

Dermal Facial Fillers

Dermal facial fillers can be made of a variety of substances that are naturally occurring or synthetic. Some are temporary, and others are permanent. In today’s aesthetic medical landscape, lip implants are sometimes used as a long-term option, but injecting permanent or semi-permanent substances is less favourable. Complications like tissue-hardening or granulomas may develop from injecting calcium or polymer-related substances. Many Toronto lip filler physicians will avoid those substances for good reasons. Instead, temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have come such a long way and achieve such stunning results that they’re the top choice for patients and doctors.

HA fillers contain a naturally hydrating substance that you may recognize. HA is listed as a key ingredient in many of today’s skincare products, even in hair serums designed to get the moisture back where you want it.

It’s a sugar-derived molecule found in various body tissues and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. As you can guess, it plays a critical role in maintaining skin hydration and volume. Unfortunately, your natural production of HA will dwindle as you age. A common sign of advancing years in midlife is the inevitable thinning of lips.

HA fillers have undergone molecular cross-linking in a lab, so the fluid takes on a resilient gel form. These links vary in strength and pattern, meaning that each type of filler looks and feels different under the skin. Depending on the brand and formulation, HA lip fillers can last between 6 and 12 months on average. Their gel structure is eventually broken down and reabsorbed harmlessly.

Bonus** Did you know that HA lip filler can be reversed? Unlike more permanent products, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved nearly instantly using an injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase. This will be on hand in your injector’s office for rare cases when removal is needed. Because fillers wear off on their own over time, this is rarely requested, but it does give patients extra peace of mind.

Lip Filler Artistry: How to Sculpt the Lip

Dermal Injector

Is your dermal injector an artist? The advanced techniques used today do not merely “fill the lips” as one would pump volume into a tire. Depending on the aesthetic that you’re aiming for and the overall proportions of your features, highly customized, specific accents can detail your lips in beautifully subtle ways.

Specific products are chosen to provide firm or soft support and scaffolding within the lips. Less product in some areas and more in others builds a natural shape, avoiding a puffy or “stuck-on” appearance that’s out of fashion now.

One of the trends that we’re seeing for clients today is that the outer lip edge isn’t necessarily filled as a distinctive border, which can create a turned-up or “ducky” appearance.

Mature patients often benefit from a flexible, fluid lip filler like Volbella to smooth fine lines above the lip and to provide natural softening of the lip lines. People also choose lip filler to balance asymmetry, diminish scars, and fill just the top or bottom of the lip. While many young clients are still opting for bold, pillowy volume (achieved using thicker, cohesive gels), the look is most often bespoke and well-suited to each patient’s face.

Even some of those Insta-famous large-lipped divas (Kylie Jenner, for example) have softened their look in exchange for more realistically sexy lips.

What is lip filler treatment like?

Lip Filler Treatment in Toronto

Thankfully, today’s leading lip filler brands all infuse their pre-filled HA syringes with lidocaine, a potent numbing agent that does wonders to keep the treatment comfortable.

You’ll have the option of a topical numbing cream applied before injection. Most people describe the process as mildly to minimally uncomfortable. (If you don’t like needles, rest assured that these ones are tiny and the treatment is fast.)

Everyone experiences post-lip filler swelling differently. You may not have much inflammation to contend with, or you could experience unnaturally puffy lips for just a couple of days. You’ll be able to apply a small ice pack and see your true results after roughly 48 hours.

Remember to talk to your injector about any blood-thinning medications you may take. That includes over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like aspirin and Advil. These and other herbal or vitamin products that lead to bruising might be temporarily discontinued. Ask for details.

How much do lip fillers cost in Toronto?

This non-surgical injectable enhancement will run you between $600 and $1,000 + HST in most cases, though more dramatic transformations can use considerably more product. (Prices are subject to change.) The price of lip filler is highly individual and depends on the practitioner you choose, the type of filler, the amount, and even the region where you live. Many people who love the look of their volumized lips maintain the effects with top-up treatments once or twice per year. A lovely benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it tends to stimulate the body’s collagen production in the regions where it is injected. That means that over time, you and your injector may find that your lips need less filler to stay fabulous.

How is Dr. Torgerson’s lip filler approach different?

Dr. Cory Torgerson

The specialists at Sovereign Skin use the benefits of 3D Vectra digital imaging to help assess overall facial proportions and let patients participate in planning their outcomes. Injection treatments are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

New technology allows experts to evaluate facial anatomy with greater precision and achieve ideal balance with golden ratios. Better accuracy and a scientific approach to this art form have become the gold standard for dermal facial filler injection.

Our customers are increasingly savvy and conduct their own research about leading products and innovative treatment options. We welcome detailed inquiries and are pleased to share product and treatment information along with an extensive learning centre on our website, where you can browse different topics related to facial plastic surgery for further insights. Each client is provided with a consultation and is assured of a treatment plan customized just for them and their unique needs.

Are you interested in learning more about lip filler in Toronto?

You’re invited to book a lip filler consultation at Sovereign Skin. All of our injectors, led by Dr. Cory Torgerson, are skilled professionals adept in contemporary facial filler techniques. Your consultation will be a chance to ask plenty of questions and share your goals and your concerns. There’s no obligation to proceed. However, you may choose to book your treatment on the same day.

Toronto lip filler injections are often quick, and you can see instant results that are always highly satisfying. You’re welcome to read more about dermal fillers in our learning centre or schedule your personal consultation to take the next step. We look forward to meeting you.

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