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Maintaining Your Facial Expressiveness Using the New Teosyal RHA Filler

The Teosyal Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) filler line is a newly developed addition to the already popular Teosyal dermal filler products.

These innovations are based on an exciting new formulation by the Swiss company Teoxane. Two top concerns that facial injectable filler patients have are the longevity of the product and the possibility of an unnatural, stiff look in areas where the face is normally expressive.

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The new Teosyal RHA dynamic fillers

The new Teosyal RHA dynamic fillers were specially designed to address these concerns. To accommodate facial expressions and dynamic movements, Teoxane laboratories in Switzerland have developed a patented gel formula with the capability to recoil and return to its original form after being stretched, bent, and compressed. Aside from the benefits of more natural-looking facial movements and smooth skin, the RHA innovation is also a more durable compound compared to traditional hyaluronic acid (HA). Its innovative technology better preserves the natural characteristics of HA molecules with such high purity that they are very similar to the natural HA developed in human skin. This means that RHA requires more time to metabolize in the body, extending the results beyond the lifespan of the traditional HA. Teosyal’s RHA formulas hold up to movement and tension in the face while remaining soft and flexible. This is especially important in the lips, perioral area, crow’s-feet, and smile lines.

Teoxane understands the need for filler resilience in its products, because once patients achieve a result that they love, they want to maintain it for as long as possible. Sometimes highly cross-linked, thicker HA fillers will be injected into areas like the lips or smile lines because they are more likely to hold their position and resist being quickly broken down by steady movement. The trade-off is that stiffer, viscous product may not flex, bend, or appear soft during natural facial expression. At last, a product line has come along that can target both issues beautifully.

Dermal fillers can add volume and shape to facial areas

Additional benefits of Teosyal

This new line of filler products by Teoxane is backed up with over 10 years of laboratory research and has been achieving popularity worldwide. It differs from the traditional dermal fillers by Teosyal and other competitors, as the advanced formulation is able to work its magic when facial features are both static and dynamic. Teosyal RHA ensures that reducing wrinkles does not lead to a frozen, unnatural face.

Studies show that where HA dermal fillers are injected, optimal levels of hydration and increased skin elasticity result because the body’s own collagen and HA production is stimulated.

Teosyal RHA fillers present a range of products recommended for the treatment of deep facial lines, loss of fat and collagen, wrinkles on the face and neck, lip volume, and many other treatment applications. There are currently four different products available with the RHA formulation – Teosyal RHA 1 through 4. They range in texture and thickness to target distinct improvement areas and allow for customizable beauty solutions that will last one year or more.

To learn more about this exciting and innovative product line by Teosyal, schedule a consultation with the Dr. Torgerson clinic and meet with one of our skilled specialists. We can provide you with more information about the latest innovations in facial injectables and dermal fillers.

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