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Restylane and Restylane Fine lines are hyaluronic acid-based fillers that restore and enhance facial volume, smoothing away fine lines.

Our doctors find the Restylane products ideal for treating lips and addressing fine lines (i.e. “smokers” lines around the lips) that form over time. Restylane injectable filler can also be used to reduce the look of crow’s-feet around the eyes. A popular choice amongst patients, Restylane-L comes with lidocaine, providing a more comfortable treatment experience. The Perlane and Restylane family of products are owned by Medicis, a division of Valeant Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Restylane

Who performs the Restylane injections at your Toronto Facial Cosmetic Clinic?
Our doctors are passionate about injectable filler, so the only individuals who inject Restylane at our Yorkville clinic are our medical doctors. Our clients deserve the best results possible, and knowing that they have the one-on-one attention of a doctor ensures the best Restylane effects possible. With our doctors’ qualifications and skills, patients will always have the benefit of the latest and safest Restylane injection techniques.
Are the Restylane treatments uncomfortable?
The injections are very tolerable, and each syringe comes with a product called Lidocaine within it. Lidocaine is an excellent numbing agent that helps freeze the area, making the procedure comfortable and easy. Patients can also choose to have an additional topical numbing cream put on top of their skin about 10 minutes prior to treatment if they would like.
Does a Restylane treatment take up a lot of time?
Restylane dermal filler is a wonderfully easy and quick treatment. Following a consultation with one of our doctors, patients can decide on how many syringes of Restylane they would like to use and where the Restylane should be injected. *Depending on these factors, Restylane treatments typically last between 15 and 45 minutes. The results are immediately rewarding!*
What is the recovery time following a Restylane injection?
Following a Restylane injection, the recovery process is simple and generally depends on where the product was injected as well as how much Restylane was used. *Most clients return to their daily, normal activities. They are advised that they may experience the most swelling for up to 1 to 2 days after the treatment. For 7 to 10 days afterwards, slight swelling may remain but will typically disappear and is usually imperceptible.* Small bruises may also arise around the injection location, but they are simply covered with makeup or are scarcely noticeable. An option to diminish the possibility of slight bruising is to avoid any blood thinning products such as ginseng, vitamin E, or aspirin for one to two weeks before your Restylane dermal filler appointment.
How long will the Restylane treatment results last for?
Restylane outcomes usually last between 6 months and one year, depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the product and which area Restylane was injected into (i.e. lips last for the least amount of time since we are constantly moving them by talking and eating, which will break down the product faster). Please see our Dermal Filler page to learn about which dermal fillers are longer lasting as well as more general injectable filler information. Most clients return for their next injection before the product completely disappears to optimize the overall shape, look, and contour.
How much does a vial of Restylane cost?
For a prompt reply on what the most up-to-date cost of a Restylane syringe (also known as a cc or vial) is, please contact our office via phone, email, or by using the online form. The dermal filler procedures are charged depending upon the number of Restylane vials that are injected. Our doctors make every attempt to offer his clients high-quality service and competitive pricing. Our office also hosts special pricing events a few times each year to offer clients even more exceptional pricing.
Is Restylane permanent?
No, Restylane is formulated from a hyaluronic acid base and therefore it is temporary. Our bodies already produce this sugar in our joints and eyeballs and will metabolize the Restylane just as it does that naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid within us. Restylane injections are extremely low-risk, and the product has a wide following of happy clients throughout North America.
What are the steps to scheduling a Restylane consultation?
First, you can contact our office to schedule a consultation. We try our best to promptly respond to any emails or phone calls within 1 business day. After arriving for your Restylane consultation, one of our doctors will privately discuss all the options involved when selecting a dermal filler as well as possible treatment areas. If you choose to proceed with the Restylane treatment after the consultation, the Restylane injections can be performed at the same. As mentioned, only our medical doctors perform the injectable filler treatments. It is part of our commitment to high-quality standards and outcomes. Our doctors are known as top injectors, and patients appreciate the high quality of care we offer.

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