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Skin Rejuvenation With Dermal Fillers: Do’s And Don’ts

If you’ve noticed fine lines, deep creases, and areas of your face that are beginning to lose fat and look hollowed-out, then dermal fillers may be the perfect solution

Dermal fillers can be used to make thin lips look plumper, enhance contour areas that have lost volume (such as the areas beneath the cheekbones, in the temple area, or just underneath the eyes), decrease the appearance of wrinkles and creases, and fill in recessed scars. Your physician will administer dermal filler through a series of very small injections in areas where there are lines that need to be softened or in areas that need to look fuller. There are 3 different types of fillers: temporary, semi-lasting, and long lasting. Temporary fillers typically last from 6 months to 1 year and are usually made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs in the body naturally, but lessens as we age. Semi-long lasting fillers last a bit longer, from 1 year to 18 months. They’re made of substances that are thicker, but biodegradable. Fillers contain collagen and do not absorb into the body. These will last for 5 years or even longer.

Go to certified specialist by the Royal College of Canada


Go to a medical doctor certified by the Royal College of Canada to receive any kind of filler injection.

– Do your homework! Research the different kinds of fillers and know what type of filler your professional will be using.

– Be realistic about what to expect from your dermal filler treatment. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation options such as fillers as well as ultrasound and laser treatments can provide amazing results, but they will not provide the same level of transformation as a facelift or eyelift.

– Be direct about all medications (including vitamins, supplements, and herbal medications) you are currently on, as certain medicines can interfere with the healing process after you receive your dermal fillers.

– Ask questions. If you have any concerns about the type of filler chosen or the areas where it will be injected, don’t be afraid to ask.

– Combine fillers with other treatments for the absolute best results. Ultrasound and laser skin treatments are non-surgical options that can help you look rejuvenated and more youthful without a great deal of downtime. Surgical treatments such as eye lifts or brow lifts can also be a wonderful complement to your dermal filler treatment. Talk to your professional to find out whether you can benefit from any of these options.

Make sure you are going to a professional who is experienced in working with dermal fillers


– Decide where to get a filler based on where you can have it done inexpensively.

– Be convinced to allow anyone besides a medical professional provide you with a dermal filler injection. Many people are convinced with arguments of “But it’s only temporary!” However, people have suffered severe and bad injuries, disfigurement, and nerve damage after being injected with black market dermal fillers or having injections performed improperly.

– Be afraid of the procedure. Numbing creams and cold gel packs can help to minimize any discomfort. Another key to having your procedure go smoothly is working with a medical professional who has performed many filler treatments. They will know how to inject the filler in a precise and controlled manner, reducing pain and helping achieve beautiful results.

– Take any medication that can thin the blood just before or immediately after receiving your filler. This can result in bruising around the treatment area.

– Drink alcohol or do any strenuous activity/exercise for several hours after your filler treatment. These can also cause bruising.

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