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Teosyal: The Newest Resilient Filler Dedicated to Facial Dynamics

Signs of aging are inevitable, but advances in cosmetic medical technology have allowed us to treat wrinkles and lines more effectively each year

A common treatment for the appearance of facial aging is the use of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler injections such as Teosyal to add volume and smooth out wrinkled skin. Many patients who inquire about dermal facial fillers have concerns that they may achieve unnatural results due to the lack of natural facial expression or movement post-treatment.

Teosyal RHA Dermal Line

To address such concerns, the Swiss company Teoxane has revolutionized HA dermal fillers to contain resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) in their Teosyal RHA dermal line of cosmetic products. Traditional Teosyal fillers are derived from 100% natural hyaluronic acid, as many popular dermal fillers are.

Within the natural HA product type, companies have designed their HA gels to be thick or thin, hold together firmly or flow easily in a fluid way. These variations make some fillers perfect for the structural lifting and shaping of the face, while others can be placed in shallow lines and hollows just under the skin.

A common problem for all HA fillers is that high-movement facial areas such as the perioral region and lips, cheeks, or crow’s-feet will break down the HA molecular links and dissipate the product more quickly. Placing thick, highly cross-linked gel in these areas can also create a puffy, stiff look because the product doesn’t move naturally with underlying tissue.

Teosyal RHA fillers are created with patented, resilient hyaluronic acid that is able to recoil into its original shape after being stretched, bent, compressed, or altered from movement, allowing for natural facial expressions and preserving the longevity of the product for a year or more.

The new dermal RHA Dynamic Filler product line from Teosyal is available in four grades named Teosyal RHA 1 through 4. They represent different gel viscosities determined by the specific concentrations of RHA in each product, and they are used to target various areas of the face and/or wrinkles.

Teosyal RHA

Teosyal RHA 1
The first grade of RHA filler is designed to combat surface lines and wrinkles around the eyes, in the perioral region, and on the forehead and neck. It has the capability to adapt to the movements generated by facial muscles during expression and ensures that optimal dermal hydration is maintained for healthy skin elasticity.
Teosyal RHA 2
The second grade is a filler treatment for facial lines and wrinkles that have settled and are considered medium depth. These unwanted lines are typically more visible. Teosyal RHA 2 is recommended for use in the marionette lines, around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and in the perioral area. This product is also suitable for plumping thin lips and retaining soft volume in this high-movement area.
Teosyal RHA 3
The third grade is designed to fill deep wrinkles and facial lines around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and in the nasolabial folds.
Teosyal RHA 4
This is the thickest grade of filler, designed to increase and maintain volume. This is one of the most popular Teosyal products for battling the signs of aging, because full facial contours and roundness of cheeks are associated with youth. The loss of volume in facial structure is a normal part of aging and can create the appearance of tiredness and sagging skin. Teosyal RHA 4 is appropriate to fill cheek hollows, create cheekbone structure and lift, and fill the chin and jawline to sculpt the face and smooth away deep lines.

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