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Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is a unique and innovative line of skin care products

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals use the same cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is used in their dermal fillers. The medical-grade skincare line carries a variety of products that have been formulated to revive skin for a healthy and youthful glow. These skincare products have not only the benefit of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, but also their patented Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA). RHA allows active ingredients in the skin care products to be released gradually over time by creating a mesh-like layer on the skin. When the skincare line is adopted into the patient’s daily routine, they will begin to see outstanding improvements in their skin’s smoothness, tightness, and overall appearance.

A powerful wrinkle treatment

Advanced Filler

It has the ability to gradually help reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles as well as being a preventative treatment to protect against changes to DNA. Teoysal Advanced Filler is suitable for all skin types by moisturizing, increasing desquamation (skin peeling), and renewing the skin’s surface. This treatment is also often used after injections to enhance the effects and longevity of the fillers. The main active ingredients in the Teosyal Advanced Filler help with high hydration (hyaluronic acid microspheres), anti-wrinkling (matrikines and bio-peptides), reducing existing wrinkles caused by muscular contractions (Argireline, a hexipeptide), and protecting the structure of skin cells (vitamin C). According to clinical studies, wrinkle depth decreases by as much as 52%, and wrinkle volume decreases by as much as 56% after using the Teosyal Advanced Filler.

RHA Serum

Teoxane’s RHA serum is made with high doses of the innovative Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. The RHA serum helps to plump and tone the skin’s surface, to promote regeneration and restructuring of tissue. The RHA will gradually release due to the mesh hydration matrix, thereby increasing the skin’s absorption capabilities. In a recent study performed, Teoxane’s RHA serum proved to dramatically increase skin hydration and elasticity over a 28-day trial period.

Perfect Skin Refiner

The Perfect Skin Refiner is a great product for patients looking to achieve both hydration as well as mild skin resurfacing. This product contains the patented Resilient Hyaluronic Acid to help with the gradual hydration of the skin as well as glycolic acid and other skin resurfacing ingredients. Moreover, rose water and antioxidants are formulated into the Perfect Skin Refiner to aid in soothing the skin. Results from this product can be seen as little as 15 days after introducing the Perfect Skin Refiner into your skin regimen.

An excellent product to repair the skin’s surface

Deep Repair Balm

The Deep Repair Balm is a deep penetrating and calming balm to help replenish damaged or irritated skin. Surgery, injectables, dermabrasion, and other procedures can damage or irritate skin and make it appear red and inflamed. The Deep Repair Balm can also be used to repair skin that has been exposed and damaged by wind, cold, or sun exposure. The product contains ingredients that are known to help treat inflammation and aid in skin healing (arnica and helichrysum). The results from the Deep Repair Balm can be seen the first day the balm is applied, sometimes in as little as 120 minutes after the initial application.

Radiant Night Peel

The Radiant Night Peel is a glycolic acid peel which accelerates the renewal process of cells. The peel treats wrinkles, fine lines, and imperfections (pigmentary) in the skin. Overall, the peel acts on all of the main markers of flawless complexion. The highly concentrated glycolic acid in the Radiant Night Peel is responsible for accelerating cell renewal, and the hyaluronic acid enables the glycolic acid to penetrate the skin while providing hydration.

R(II) Eyes – RHA Advanced Eye Contour

The RHA Advanced Eye Contour is an advanced eye product designed for sensitive skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The product works to soothe and moisturize the eye area to reduce ageing signs and brighten the overall under-eye. The RHA Advanced Eye Contour is designed to enhance the results of Teosyal Redensity (II) injections as well as other aesthetic procedures. If the product is used regularly, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will become filled and less noticeable. Also, dark circles and puffiness will be significantly reduced for a refreshed and youthful eye.

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