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The Most Common & Uncommon Uses of Dermal Fillers in Toronto

The global trend for pro-aging facial treatments is fueled by an ever-growing suite of safe, effective facial filler options.

These non-surgical, injectable products are designed to rejuvenate one’s appearance through wrinkle smoothing, hollow filling, lip plumping, and so much more. Both men and women are looking for more cosmetic options to turn back the clock without facial surgery. Dermal fillers in Toronto account for a large segment of the non-surgical aesthetic market, along with Botox and other neuromodulators used for decreasing furrows and lines. With so many people on board this exciting trend, why is there still some mystery and even myths about what fillers are and what they can do? We’ve compiled a list of some common and uncommon uses for dermal fillers in Toronto. You may be surprised to learn about all the possibilities and discover how they might benefit you too.

What Are Toronto Dermal Fillers Made From?

Where can injectable fillers be used?

Regular people all over the world are interested in maintaining a youthful appearance today more than ever. We’re staying in our careers longer, dating again in midlife, and the retirement age is pushed back more each year. The social repercussions of aging facial skin are an unfortunate reality, and no matter how vibrant and enthusiastic we feel about life, the biological changes we undergo are inevitable. As we age, the skin naturally begins to lose a little elasticity and collagen each year, starting around age 30.

One of the key driving factors for a growing injectable market is that people in their 30’s and 40’s realize they have tools to take control of their appearance without resorting to facelift surgery just yet. Treatment with dermal fillers brings instant results and erases years. You may be uncertain about the safety of introducing a material into the facial skin. That is a reasonable concern, but today’s soft-tissue fillers are primarily derived from hyaluronic acid (HA). It’s a naturally occurring sugar found in many areas of the body, including the brain and the skin. Along with a loss in collagen as the years pass, natural HA production also diminishes. That’s bad news for healthy, hydrated skin. This hydrophilic (water-loving) substance draws moisture and holds it, so it plays a crucial role in tissue health and vitality. HA for injection is processed, converted to gel of various consistencies, and marketed under many brand names.

Differences Between Types of HA Filler

Which treatment is right for you?

In some cases, the differences between types of HA filler may seem subtle, but they are precisely customized for different uses because of their varying thicknesses and cohesivity (how well they hold together.) HA dermal fillers are not permanent, but depending on the type, they will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Your expert injector will discuss your specific goals and options in order to select a treatment that will have you looking and feeling fabulous.

An unusual feature of HA is that it can be dissolved almost instantly with the addition of a product called hyaluronidase. This quick injection will naturally break down the HA and reverse the result if ever a client is unsatisfied with their appearance. Few cosmetic procedures offer this possibility, and it’s one more reason that so many people today feel comfortable trying dermal fillers in Toronto.

Did you know that fillers are not the same as Botox? Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably, but the product and purpose are entirely different. Think of filler as a 3D approach to facial restoration. Doctors use it to add, to build, and to sculpt. After loss of fat, collagen, and tissue hydration, this treatment adds much-needed volume in areas where it’s diminished.

Dermal Fillers Can Be Used in So Many Beautiful Ways!

Cheek augmentation (the apple)

Fillers typically used in this area include Voluma, which is designed to create a thick, lifting foundation for the cheek area where tissue may flatten or sag in mid-life. Cheek fillers deliver incredible anti-aging effects and often go hand in hand with under-eye, nasolabial fold, or lip rejuvenation.


The lips tend to become thinner as we age. This area is in the highest demand for all ages of client. Full, pouty lips became trendy some years ago, so a younger population discovered the power of lip filler to customize their look. Clients in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s also benefit from slightly fuller, hydrated, and soft-looking lips. There are fillers designed to add structure and volume while other fillers are made to soften fine lines around the mouth.

Under the eyes

This area is also referred to as the tear trough. It’s that hollow below each eye that can accentuate puffy eye bags by creating an indent underneath or draw attention to where fat has decreased and a depression has formed. Shadowy hollows under the eye almost always make a person look tired and older than they are. Carefully formulated HA products such as Teosal and Redensity are designed to fill this area with subtle softness and natural movement.

Radiant Facial Treatment

Jawline and chin

Did you know that jawline shaping and chin augmentation can now be achieved without surgery? Highly cohesive, thick filler products are placed along the jawline or chin area to add structure, volume, and a chiselled look or even to make a face appear slimmer. A growing number of men are seeking this treatment to balance facial proportions and boost confidence.

Scar treatment

For years doctors have been using natural HA fillers to minimize the look of indented scars. From acne scarring to cleft lip and skin depressions left after injury, adding subtle volume in the right places can create dramatic results. One of the best things about hyaluronic acid is that it continuously works to improve hydration and collagen in the skin where it’s placed, so ongoing treatment will create longer-term, lasting effects.

Hand rejuvenation

Aging can appear on the back of the hands in mid-life and is an unfortunate giveaway of advanced years. Dermal filler will plump and smooth the tissue around your tendons and bones so they hide under youthful skin like they used to. This is an important place to treat for an overall anti-aging effect on one’s appearance.

Microneedling/surface injection

Many clinics are catching on that HA can be used as a skin booster for a radiant facial treatment as well. With the V2 Injector device, precise micro-doses of hyaluronic acid are placed just under the skin’s surface for a uniform application of non-cross-linked HA. This fluid closely resembles the naturally occurring, hydrating HA found in the skin. Where it’s applied, it will not only smooth and plump the skin’s surface for a radiant look, but it also works to stimulate collagen and elastin for ongoing improvement in tone and texture.

Non-surgical nose job

Lastly, in Toronto dermal filler is increasingly popular for nose injection. This unconventional “rhinoplasty” doesn’t involve scalpels or stitches, but it can deliver dramatic, instant results. The most common aesthetic problems solved through this technique include straightening a crooked nose, minimizing a droopy tip, or smoothing out a visible bump. Mild imperfections can be resolved, but fillers cannot decrease the size of a nose or correct breathing issues, so it’s not the right treatment for everyone. If you’re interested in dermal fillers, talk to one of our expert physician injectors today! You’ll be amazed by what this procedure can do for you.

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