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What It’s Really Like To Get Lip Injections For The First Time

Anyone who has ever considered lip injections may be apprehensive the first time

Dermal filler lip injections are becoming common for many individuals, including patients in their early twenties, and this has many wondering what it is like to get lip injections for the first time. The reason many women are drawn to lip injections is that it is a safe and reversible procedure that involves hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body.

Once you have had a consultation with the plastic surgeon and book an appointment, you can begin to prepare for your procedure

The Days Leading Up To The Procedure

Many women decide to have lip injections so they can have full, pouty lips. This is especially true among women with naturally thin lips.

This is a procedure that will be noticeable, so many patients tell their friends and family about the treatment before the day of the appointment. It is normal to hear mixed reactions. Patients typically say that most of their loved ones are very supportive, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that some friends, family, and colleagues may be skeptical or worried about you. However, lip injections are quite safe, and they are also reversible. There is an enzyme that can be injected to break down the hyaluronic acid very quickly into the body. The result is also semi-lasting, so without subsequent treatment, the effect will dissipate after 6 to 9 months. Many people think this is a long lasting procedure, and their worries are put to rest when they are informed about this treatment.

Day Of The Procedure

On the day of the procedure, you will be walked through the treatment and offered numbing cream if lidocaine (an anaesthetic) is not already included in your dermal filler product. Most patients don’t feel a thing, but there may be a slight sensation as the doctor shapes and forms the hyaluronic gel in the lips. Many patients start with one syringe their first time, which equals approximately 3 to 4 injections in each lip. To create ideal symmetry and to shape each lip appropriately, it’s important to treat both lips even if the patient is concerned about only one. The entire procedure takes no more than 45 minutes, and the patient is sent home with instructions to ice the area.

Many women are already familiar with hyaluronic acid from their face creams because this substance promotes skin hydration and makes the skin supple and smooth

After The Procedure

Approximately 3 to 5 hours after the procedure there may be swelling, bruising, pain, and discomfort, but it is bearable. You can feel free to ask one of our doctors at the time of the procedure if he thinks you will bruise. The doctor has enough experience to have an idea as to whether the individual will bruise and swell.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The discomfort can last for a couple of days, and patients should take it easy and avoid touching or rubbing their lips. By the second day, most say their lips have settled and they can begin to apply more lipstick and have fun with their newfound larger and plumper lips. The results can last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year, depending on how the individual metabolizes the hyaluronic acid and breaks it down in their body.

Book A Consultation

It is important to choose a physician who has at least 5 years’ experience with lip injections to ensure the safest and best possible result. Booking a consultation is the best way to determine whether lip injections are the best treatment for your concerns. Our team can be contacted anytime with questions and inquiries. They can be reached at 647-343-0207.

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