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Benefits Of Laser Face Lifting

Fotona laser face-lifting procedures are one of the most beneficial ways to prevent signs of aging in the face and neck

Laser treatments with Fotona can be customized to suit the patient’s final facial rejuvenation goals. Younger candidates often see quicker, visible results a lot sooner than their older counterparts due to the existing generous amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin. Aging causes the depreciation of the bountiful supply of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Fotona 4D laser technology, gently resurfaces, rejuvenates the skin

Fotona Laser Face Lifting

Laser face lifting is an ideal way to combat the signs of maturation of the skin by preventing the formation of dynamic and static wrinkles in the skin. Static wrinkles are formed when the skin loses its structural properties along with the gradual decrease of volume supporting the skin. On the other hand, dynamic wrinkles form by the muscle groups that are activated when the face engages in expressions, resulting in changes in facial gestures. Repeated movements of the same dynamic wrinkles can lead to wrinkles like laugh lines and frown lines.

Both static and dynamic wrinkles can be managed with Fotona’s dual-wavelength laser system, which can provide great added anti-aging benefits for people looking to make natural improvements gradually. Laser face lifting can be implemented as a preventative measure towards reducing aging in the skin. Laser face lifting has many advantages over other surgical and non-surgical procedures for people who do not want to commit to cosmetic plastic surgery. Consistent use of laser treatments in the face can effectively prevent the signs of aging and provide benefits such as:

Reduction Of Jowls

Jowls begin to form around the chin as well as drooping from the cheek area. Jowls can make the face appear wider due to the loss of resiliency in the skin. They can also lead to further loosening of the skin in the neck. Reduction of jowls creates a well-defined jaw and neck contour.

Fotona laser treatments are completely non-invasive, with no downtime

Prevention of Under-Eye Bags

Under-eye rejuvenation with laser can be achieved by gently tightening the skin around the eyes as well as removing dark pigmentation that tends to develop as we age. Common methods of undereye rejuvenation include skin tightening, under eye darkness reduction, and skin tightening of the surrounding eye area like crow’s-feet and eyelids.

Lifting of Brows

Non-invasive brow lifting can be achieved with laser treatments to the brow area, including above the eyelid and in and around the eyebrows. This process gently remodels the skin below and above the brows to tighten and pull the eyebrows higher for a lifted effect.

Improved Complexion

Fotona laser treatments can effectively improve the tone and texture of the skin with thermal heat applications that fortify the skin’s structures from the inside out. After having laser treatments to the face, patients can immediately and continuously see improvements in the complexion. They will also notice a reduction of redness, irritation, veins, and a whole variety of other symptoms that contribute to unevenness in the face.

Reduced Pore Size

Skin tightening with Fotona also results in pore tightening with the induced thermal heating of the skin structures. Laser treatments to the face can reduce pore size, particularly in the nose and cheeks, where most pore dilation occurs.

If you are interested in the easiest way to prevent and delay the signs of aging in the face, then laser face-lifting procedures should be included as a regular routine in addition to your daily skincare regimen. Fotona laser facial-rejuvenating procedures are quick and can be completed in under an hour. Treatment results continue to improve with repeated sessions in a program that contains consistent intervals of treatments. Contact our office today to create your customized anti-aging program catered to your cosmetic goals.

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