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How To Contour Your Jawline With Fotona Laser Treatments

Facial contouring provides aesthetically pleasing results in the face by making the face appear leaner and longer

Facial contouring is the latest craze in beauty, mainly due to the rising popularity of reality TV stars like the Kardashian clans and their perfectly contoured faces thanks to their professional makeup artists. Facial contouring provides aesthetically pleasing results in the face by making the face appear leaner and longer with a chiselled jawline and a beautiful, healthy glow that is hard to resist. The contrast of light and dark colours is how facial contouring with makeup is achieved.

Fotona 4D laser technology, gently resurfaces, rejuvenates the skin

Facial Contouring

Contouring your chin and jaw line is an easy fix with makeup. However, for those who want a longer-lasting solution, jawline contouring may be the best solution. Although facial contouring with makeup is a great way to achieve a good-looking face, laser treatments provide people with results that are visible at all times, not just with makeup application.

Jawline contouring is a new procedure that virtually requires no downtime, no pain, and no post-op care. Treatments can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and results can be seen immediately! Improvements occur over time after treatments have been repeated over the course of several sessions.

How Does Laser Jawline Contouring Work?

Laser jawline-contouring procedures involves the use of Fotona’s Nd:YAG laser under Piano Mode to safely tighten and lift the skin on the jaw, chin, under the chin, and the surrounding chin and neck areas. Jawline contouring is a non-invasive laser treatment that requires no downtime or anesthetics and does not cause any pain. Non-invasive jawline contouring is an ideal treatment for people who want to achieve a defined jawline by tightening the skin in the area.

How Many Treatments are Required?

Jawline contouring treatments are recommended once a week for about 4 weeks or every 2 weeks until the desired improvements have been achieved. In general, younger patients respond better to laser skin-remodelling procedures, and mature patients will require more treatments to achieve comparable results to those of people in their 20s or 30s.

Fotona jawline-contouring treatments are quick and easy

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

Most people find their treatments comfortable and relaxing, much like a hot stone massage to the area. The laser technician will use the Fotona laser handpiece to go over the jawline and chin area in a painting motion to maintain the desired heat temperatures of about 37° to 42°C to induce the remodelling of the jawline area.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for jawline contouring are people who are experiencing loose skin on the lower part of their face and are seeking non-surgical ways to reinforce the skin in the jawline and chin area. Fotona laser jawline-contouring treatments are safe and effective for any age group and any skin type, as the laser does not cause any harm to the skin. Laser jawline contouring is a powerful anti-aging program that delays the signs of aging such as the formation of jowls and the loss of definition in the jawline.

If you are interested in high-tech laser jawline contouring to help you define and contour your jawline without surgery or any downtime, then non-surgical jawline contouring may be the ideal solution for you! Non-surgical jawline contouring is a quick way to restore youthfulness in the jaw area without any discomfort during or after the procedure. Jawline contouring is a well-kept secret for many celebrities. Now Dr. Torgerson is very excited to be able to offer this treatment to his patients at his Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, located in the heart of Yorkville in downtown Toronto. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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