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Do This Once A Week To Look Slimmer Fast

Fotona HotSculpting is an innovative laser treatment that is safe and effective to reduce fat in many areas of the body

With unrivalled flexibility and customizability options, Fotona HotSculpting treatments allow patients to treat their trouble spots quickly and effectively with weekly treatments. The advanced laser technology in Fotona’s XP Dynamis laser system is engineered with dual-wavelength technology that is employed for Fotona HotSculpting treatments. These treatments are safe for consecutive weekly procedures.

Fotona HotSculpting weekly treatments entail a 2-step process, which includes:

Step 1

Piano Mode – Nd:YAG for deep thermal heating of targeted tissue to destroy fat cells

Step 2

Smooth Mode – Er:YAG for the gentle resurfacing of the skin’s superficial layers to shrink and tighten the treated skin

The application of both lasers generate high-precision laser technology delivery to treatment areas that can circumferentially reduce various parts of the body such as the stomach, flanks, arms, legs, and even smaller areas like under the chin. Fotona HotSculpting procedures are safe for weekly treatments to help dramatically improve the contours of the treated areas.

The standardized controlled laser emission settings of HotSculpting yield high-efficiency rates with a standard 7-minute fat-melting process followed by a 3-minute skin-tightening session allowing laser operators to treat many areas in under an hour. Routine weekly treatments are ideal for people who have limited time and want to achieve results quickly and efficiently.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Deep Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction with PIANO Pulse Mode Nd:YAG

Step 1 targets the unwanted adipocytes (fat cells) by using the PIANO Pulse Mode Nd:YAG at a 1064 nm wavelength to activate the thermal activity in the subcutaneous layers of the tissue cells. PIANO Mode emits the laser light safely and comfortably without negatively impacting the surface of the epidermis. PIANO Mode works by delivering bulk heating to the surface and to the deeper layers of the skin, causing cell death in the unwanted fat cells. Bulk heating of the deeper layers of the skin stimulates increased activity of collagen and elastin regeneration, which has been proven to be the essential component in achieving youthful appearance in the skin. The thermally induced heating properties of HotSculpting engage the treatment area in hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and deep-tissue skin tightening.

Improvement of Skin Surface Laxity with Smooth Mode Erbium YAG

Smooth Mode Erbium YAG

Step 2 is primarily directed to improve laxity on the surface of the initially treated area. The skin is treated with Er:YAG in Smooth Pulse Mode at 2,940 nm to increase the production of collagen and improve the surface quality of the skin. Most laser fat-reduction treatments do not provide skin-tightening effects during their procedures. That is why Fotona HotSculpting treatments have proven to be the most advanced cohesive laser-contouring treatments on the market today.

HotSculpting is a collective fat-reduction and skin-tightening procedure that can produce expedited results in a weekly program to contour the different large or small areas of the body. HotSculpting treatments are so effective that most patients see immediate improvements after one session. Effectiveness and functionality are optimally obtained by the routine weekly treatments to safely and quickly contour the different areas of the body.

Fotona HotSculpting procedures are non-invasive body-contouring solutions where both the practitioner and the patients benefit from the fast and effective results that can be delivered in each session. As with most laser procedures, an identified treatment frequency with specific intervals of weekly HotSculpting treatments are required to safely expedite the fat-reducing and skin-tightening results.

Most patients require 6 to 10 weekly treatments with subsequent maintenance treatments once or twice per year to maintain the beneficial effects of their HotSculpting results.

If you are interested in the latest body-contouring procedure that invigorates the skin while reducing fat deposits underneath, contact Dr. Torgerson’s Cosmetic Clinic and Laser Centre to schedule your consultation.

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