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HotSculpting FAQ Part 1

Fotona is a comprehensive laser machine that combines 2 laser modules

Nd:YAG, which is a non-ablative module with the capacity to target the deeper layers of the skin, and Er:YAG laser, which can eliminate surface irregularities. In addition to these two lasers, Fotona Dynamis Laser is newly innovated with Piano Mode, which is an advanced mode of the Nd:YAG bulk heating system that delivers longer pulses of laser light into the body to efficiently remove surface imperfections and produce long-lasting, beautiful results.

Is It Long Lasting?

Fotona HotSculpting results can be semi-lasting with an effective treatment program that is executed at the recommended intervals to create optimal results. The skin continues to age as we age, so as with most non-surgical laser treatments, annual or semi-annual maintenance treatments are required to maintain the benefits of HotSculpting results in the skin.

How Long Do Results Take?

HotSculpting causes the skin to remodel and rejuvenate itself internally and externally. Skin remodelling occurs over the course of 4 to 6 weeks, thus yielding a treatment program that requires treatment intervals to be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks to effectively remodel the treated area.

Which Areas Can You Treat?

HotSculpting treatments can be applied virtually anywhere on the body that the patient requires extra assistance with in reducing the volume of fat in the area. HotSculpting is not recommended on the face. It requires customized settings for the delicate areas of the face, neck, and hands.

Does It Hurt?

Patients compare HotSculpting treatments to the effects of a hot stone massage. Treatments are very well tolerated by most people and require no anesthetics or post-treatment care. Some people may experience heat in the area during treatments, but this should go away immediately after treatment. Some people may experience sustained heat in the treatment site, accompanied by redness and mild swelling, which should all dissipate shortly after their HotSculpting procedures. All associated discomfort with HotSculpting procedures are temporary and resolve on their own within an hour after treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no post-treatment side effects associated with Fotona HotSculpting treatments. HotSculpting may cause temporary irritation such as redness, mild swelling, and dry or itchy skin in the treatment area, which should subside shortly after treatments. No post-treatment care is required for Fotona HotSculpting procedures. For optimal results, patients should ensure to keep their treatment sites well moisturized after their HotSculpting procedures.

How Can I Prepare for HotSculpting Procedures?

Patients can prepare their skin for HotSculpting procedures by ensuring that the skin is clean and free of any topical agents like lotions and perfumes and oils. Direct skin contact with the laser is the best way to ensure that the skin is receiving the adequate amount of laser energy intended for the treatment area. Skincare products can act like surface blockages, which can tamper with the efficiency of the laser treatments, leading to results that are not optimal. Patients can also prepare by shaving the area of treatment to allow a smooth delivery of laser energy to the treatment area without the obstruction of hair on the skin. Nd:YAG lasers react to hair follicles at high temperatures, while erbium lasers do not react to the hair follicles. HotSculpting treatments use both laser wavelengths. So removing the hair on the surface of the treatment sites will enable the practitioner to administer the treatments more efficiently while improving the patient’s experience. Sensitive candidates who want to experience increased comfort can take Advil and/or Tylenol 30 minutes prior to their HotSculpting treatments to ensure that they experience less heating effects of the laser on the skin during treatments.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for HotSculpting?

People who have been recently exposed to direct sunlight on their skin are not ideal candidates for HotSculpting procedures because of the increased melanocytes present in their skin. Recent sun-exposed skin can produce unwanted symptoms on the surface of the skin such as increased risk of burning, increased risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation, increased sensitivity to the laser beams, and an overall increased risk of discomfort associated with HotSculpting procedures. Patients who recently have had surgery in their breasts or who have open wounds or lesions on their breasts are recommended to wait until their scars and surgical results (usually 6 to 12 months) have completely healed before proceeding with HotSculpting procedures on their body.

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