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Fotona IncontiLase Treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a condition that affects millions of women across the world

Almost 1 in 3 women will experience symptoms of urinary incontinence. The symptoms of UI can be embarrassing and hold many women back from participating in high-impact activities like jumping, running, and dancing. SUI candidates often involuntarily pass urine from activities like laughing,coughing,and sneezing.

Fotona IncontiLase treatments are indicated to treat mild to moderate stress and mixed incontinence in female patients. Treatments initiate the photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis to shrink and tighten the urethral and anterior (front part) of the bladder wall region.

Fotona 4D laser technology, gently resurfaces, rejuvenates the skin

How Does IncontiLase Work?

IncontiLase treatments are performed using the Fotona SP Dynamis advanced 2940 nm Er:YAG non-ablative laser to thermally induce collagen remodelling in the vestibule and urethral orifice as well as the anterior vaginal wall. IncontiLase treatments are minimally invasive and require no incisions or anaesthesia. They also have high rates of success and patient satisfaction.

Fotona IncontiLase erbium YAG lasers safely deliver energy with the non-ablative parameter protocols under Smooth Mode technology that does not ablate the surface of the skin.

Is There Downtime from IncontiLase Treatments?

Recovery from IncontiLase treatments is quick without the need for analgesics or antibiotics. IncontiLase treatments display significant advantages over other conventional methods of improving UI with clinically reported improvements and no cutting, bleeding, ablation, or sutures to the urogenital areas.

Patients can immediately resume their normal activities after their IncontiLase treatments.

How Many Treatments are Required?

A series of 2 or 3 IncontiLase treatments spaced every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended to achieve optimal improvements with SUI symptoms.

Fotona laser treatments are completely non-invasive, with no downtime

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Women who are experiencing mild to moderate stress or mixed urinary incontinence are ideal candidates for IncontiLase treatments of urinary incontinency that improve vaginal laxity. The natural aging process depletes the body of supportive structural components in the pelvic muscles and vaginal muscles, thus classifying middle-aged and older women as suitable candidates for IncontiLase treatments. Women whose bodies have been impacted by the effects of pregnancy and childbirth are also great candidates for IncontiLase treatments. The photothermal effects of the laser can help restore pelvic muscle strength, which is a common cause of UI in vaginal deliveries.

Patients with menstrual blood or lesions in the urogenital areas cannot receive IncontiLase treatments until their symptoms have resolved. IncontiLase treatments are not recommended for pregnant women or those who have recently undergone vaginal child delivery. New moms are required to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before proceeding with laser-assisted vaginal procedures. Women who are on medications that causephotosensitivity are also exempt from receiving IncontiLase treatments. A formal assessment with our laser nurses is your best option in discovering the improvements that IncontiLase treatments can achieve for your urinary incontinence symptoms.

All IncontiLase patients are subject to gynecological examinations and an evaluation of muscle tone/contractility to quantify the level of improvements achieved with their procedures. IncontiLase treatments are minimally invasive laser vaginal treatments that effectively treat UI.

Want to Learn More?

IncontiLase treatments are quick out-patient procedures that are safe and effective in treating the symptoms of patients with mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

If you are concerned about involuntary urine leakage or if you are experiencing some of the symptoms of UI, contact Dr. Torgerson’s cosmetic clinic to schedule your consultation with our experienced laser nurses. They carefully assess each patient’s unique requirements to formulate a treatment program catered to the enhancement goals that our patients are looking to achieve.

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