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Snoring Treatment

Did you know that according to, two thirds of all partnered adults say that their partner snores?

This means that many people are struggling to get a good night’s snooze session because of the disturbance that snoring can have on couples.

Fotona is one of the leading manufacturers of laser technology

Fotona Anti-Snore Treatment

Snoring is directly related to other unwanted conditions like obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea patients can have symptoms like low energy, hypertension, and increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Medical procedures for sleep apnea include tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy, which involves the removal of the tonsils and adenoids structures. Surgical intervention may not always be an option for some people, however, so Dr. Torgerson is excited to introduce laser technology to help his patients treat their snoring related issues and enhance their daily lives. **

Fotona is one of the leading manufacturers of laser technology. They have developed a laser delivery system that can treat common problems like snoring. The system also provides other great benefits like wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. Treating snoring can have valuable positive effects for people who have suffered from many nights of unrestful sleep. The Fotona Dynamis SP Series is integrated with a non-ablative Er:YAG laser, where no tissues are removed, to stimulate skin tightening and collagen production in the back of the mouth and open the airways. This treatment requires no aesthetics and does not cause intraoral or post operative pain. **

Fotona NightLase patented laser technology treatments increase the regeneration process of collagen and fibroblasts in the back of the mouth. The contraction of the back of the oral cavity supports the uvula and soft palate of the throat, where snoring originates from. Well supported airway passages result in the patient’s ability to breathe regularly at night with increased oxygen intake. Initial treatments should be repeated every 3 weeks until considerable improvements are achieved. The longevity of anti-snoring treatments is intensified with repeated treatments. **

Thermally induced collagen-tightening treatment results are comparable to surgical procedures

How Does It Work?

NightLase technology works via a sequence of sub-ablative micropulses that are delivered to the back of the throat. The high-performance laser ablates precisely without thermally heating the surrounding tissues. The laser energy causes heat shock to the surrounding tissues, inducing the tightening of collagen fibres in the back of the mouth. Thermally induced collagen-tightening treatments are long-lasting, with results that are comparable to surgical procedures. **

Most patients require about 3 treatments spaced one month apart to achieve long lasting results. The laser technology uses Er:YAG fractionated non-ablative laser to stimulate neo collagenesis in oral tissue cells. NightLase treatments are minimally invasive and allow the superficial penetration of thermal heat into the tissues without any adverse side effects. NightLase anti-snoring treatments are non-ablative intraoral procedures with no associated pain, redness, or swelling. Treatments are expected to last anywhere from 6 to 12 months or longer. **

If you are interested in remedies for snoring without pain or discomfort, then laser-assisted anti-snoring treatments could be an ideal option for you. Snoring reduction programs effectively reduce the symptoms associated with the lack of quality sleep from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Contact Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic today to schedule your consultation. **

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