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Laser and Acne Scar Removal

Blemishes that result from oily skin during puberty may be long gone, but the scars they leave on our face remain for a lifetime.

These unwanted pock marks are annoying reminders of our teenage years, and no amount of make-up is able to hide them. The advent of laser skin resurfacing has created an option for those who have worn these facial scars for many years. The private facial cosmetic and laser centre operated by Dr. Cory Torgerson now offers hope to anyone who has longed for a smoother complexion.

There are 2 categories of laser treatments: ablative and non-ablative. Basically, ablative is more invasive than non-ablative. In order to determine which laser procedure would be the best to target your acne scars, you would need to book an appointment at Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic in Yorkville. By examining the amount of skin that the acne damaged and the depth of the scars, you would be offered suggestions as to the laser resurfacing method that best suits your needs. At this consultation, you would be able to view before and after pictures of other people who had undergone laser treatments and get excited about the smooth, new complexion available to you.

AFT – IPL Laser Therapy

Non-Ablative Method

The non-ablative method of laser offered at the clinic is the AFT – IPL laser therapy. This IPL laser treatment targets the dermis (underlying skin tissue) and leaves the epidermis (top layer of skin) alone. The thermal heat penetrates the skin tissues and causes new collagen growth that will continue to be evidenced for the following weeks and months. Immediately following the procedure, you will notice that the top layer of skin feels tighter and the acne scars are minimized. These procedures can be accomplished in just 30 minutes with only a topical anaesthetic. Non-ablative laser skin therapy does not require any time off from your schedule for a healing process. Because this method is less invasive, it would be recommended only for people with minimal acne scarring.

iPixel Erbium Laser Therapy And The CO2 Laser Therapy

Ablative Laser Method

Ablative laser methods offered by Dr. Torgerson are the iPixel erbium laser therapy and the CO2 laser therapy. Both of these procedures ablate, or remove, the epidermis and use a higher-powered laser. The beam heats up the top layer of damaged skin, causing it to vaporize, and reveals a fresh new layer of skin underneath. New collagen is also stimulated with this method, and the skin tightens as it heals. If acne scars are deeper, the ablative laser therapy would produce the smoother texture and glowing complexion you desire. Because ablative skin resurfacing is invasive, it is necessary to have topical anaesthetic as well as local anaesthetic. Downtime of approximately 1 week is recommended afterwards because the damaged skin continues to flake off while the new layer of skin heals.

Most clients with acne scars will most likely see the results they long for with the ablative laser resurfacing methods. The good news is that CO2 laser can be accomplished at 1 session, whereas several sessions of the non-ablative IPL laser methods are usually necessary.

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