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AFT – IPL Laser Treatment Toronto

IPL Laser Toronto: AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment technology that improves the texture, tone, and appearance of skin with minimal downtime.

This laser treatment is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of sun damage, red spots and blemishes, rosacea, broken capillaries (including spider veins), acne scarring, and age spots (brown spots). Most people are familiar with IPL laser treatments, but technology is changing so quickly, causing innovative new products that achieve better results to be released all the time. The AFT skin-resurfacing procedure is one of them. AFT effectively uses low energy light to gently heat and reduce skin imperfections in a unique “Equal Distribution” technique, which is different from the traditional IPL treatment. Most lasers produce only a single wavelength of light and are limited in what they can treat. However, with AFT (advanced IPL), the special light emits gentle energy pulses in many wavelengths, allowing the light to penetrate through the skin. Through a special spectrum filtering system that eliminates hot spots, the AFT IPL treatment is able to produce a more powerful, yet safe and effective treatment. The treated areas appear smoother and younger in just a single session, whereas IPL can often require 5 to 6 sessions.

What Can You Expect During An Aft-Ipl Treatment?

Prior to the treatment, Dr. Torgerson’s office will provide you with pre-treatment instructions on how to prepare your skin for the laser treatment. Most of the instructions are very simple, such as avoiding direct sun tanning for 2 weeks before your session. Safety, pain, and downtime are often primary patient concerns. Therefore, one of the key advantages for patients when booking this appointment is that the AFT- IPL laser treatment can be easily performed in under 30 minutes. Once you have arrived at the laser clinic, a qualified Laser RN will greet you and assist you in preparing for your procedure. It is an easy process that requires only a topical numbing agent. Most patients find they have minimal to no discomfort throughout the treatment.

*At Dr. Torgerson’s Toronto laser clinic, the AFT laser treatment is most popular for the face, but is safe and effective to use on your hands, neck, and chest too. Although one session does provide great results, packaging your AFT – IPL Laser treatments into 2 or 3 sessions will solidify top results that achieve your ultimate goals.*

*Another advantage that makes the AFT-IPL a top skin resurfacing treatment is that it results in minimal skin damage. Therefore, the recovery time is very quick. Most patients resume their normal, daily activities, while others will just take 1 day off to recover.*

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding AFT and IPL Laser Treatments

*What is photorejuvenation?
Photorejuvenation is simply another name for IPL and AFT Laser Treatments. Photorejuvenation treatments target numerous areas of concern such as brown spots, red vessels, fine lines, sun damage, broken veins, and rosacea. IPL treatments can also be commonly called skin rejuvenation treatments.*
Is there a difference in IPL machines?
Yes, absolutely! AFT is the next-generation technology in IPL laser treatments. Do your research, since not all IPLs are created equal. Often the pricing will be a good indication of lower-level IPLS that will not provide excellent results. Your choice is to choose an expert with a reputable laser clinic to minimize your risks and maximize your results.
*How long will the AFT – IPL results last?
Laser Treatment results can last a long time if you take good care of your skin. Wearing sunscreen, hats, and using other protective measures like a good skin care line while minimizing sun exposure will help maintain your results. Annual maintenance treatments should help keep your skin looking fresh, radiant, and more youthful.*
Is AFT-IPL Painful?
Our Toronto Laser office tries to make our treatments comfortable for the client, using topical numbing creams and freezing if necessary. Some patients may feel a small, slight sting. Many people describe it as feeling like a rubber band was being flicked against the skin. The intensity and power used during the laser treatment can also be reduced, if necessary, for absolute patient comfort.
What should I do after an AFT-IPL laser treatment?
Maybe a better question is what you shouldn’t do! There’s a big list of NOs to follow after having an AFT-IPL treatment in order to ensure the optimal results. Our laser clinic recommends for the first several days: No suntanning outside or inside No hot baths or showers No wet or dry sauna use No swimming in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, and spas No perfumed lotions or soaps on the treated skin No AHA, glycolic, salicylic, or depilatory creams on treated area Our laser office will provide detailed post-treatment instructions and guidelines to follow that will help your skin heal and provide you with the top results possible.
Why is UV (ultra-violet) exposure so bad before a laser treatment?
Sun exposure or tanning in a sun bed is not recommended for a minimum of 1 month before an AFT–IPL treatment. This is because sun exposure increases the skin’s sensitivity, which can lead to an increase in burns or hyperpigmentation with the treatment. Melanin cells colour the skin and cause darkening (tanning). We want to limit the activity of these cells in order to treat the area properly and effectively. Fake spray tans also stain your skin with colour and can intensify the laser heat on the skin’s surface, so spray tans are not recommended prior to treatment either.
*What common side effects may be experienced as a result of the AFT-IPL treatment?
You may experience tightening of the skin afterwards for 1 or 2 days as well as minor redness and swelling. All of these are considered normal and will dissipate in the days following the laser treatment. Sometimes blistering may occur, although it is rare. To prevent scarring, it is important not to pick or pull at the skin as it heals. The use of ice packs or cooling methods are recommended to help alleviate any discomfort you may feel as your treated area heals.*
*Can Darker Skin Tones be Treated?
The simple answer is yes. However, great caution and care needs to be taken, which is why choosing a reputable laser clinic is very important. Darker skin should be treated on lower intensity, and test patches should be done before treatment. In exercising caution to avoid side effects like hyper-pigmentation, more treatments at a lower intensity may be necessary. There are some skin types where a resurfacing or skin rejuvenation laser treatment would not be recommended because the risks are too high. During your consultation at Dr. Torgerson’s Toronto laser clinic, the risks can be discussed and other options presented if you are not a great candidate for an AFT-IPL laser treatment.*

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