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Q&A: AFT–IPL Laser Therapy

What do all the letters in AFT–IPL stand for?
AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology, and IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL laser treatments have been offered since the mid-1990s, and AFT laser therapy is an advanced, next-generation of IPL laser therapy. It is also known as a photo facial or photo rejuvenation.
What are the skin conditions that AFT laser therapy treats?
AFT laser is excellent for tightening superficial wrinkles such as crow’s-feet and lines around the mouth. It is also effective at minimizing acne scars and spider veins and treating pigmentation concerns and sun damage.
What type of laser is used in AFT?
Low-energy light with many wavelengths is pulsed below the skin’s surface into the tissue below. IPL uses broadband pulsed light, and AFT laser technology uses fluorescent pulsed light. A special spectrum filtering system is incorporated to equally distribute the light and heat.
Is this type of laser safe?
IPL laser treatment has been available for many years. AFT laser therapy is an improved form of Intense Pulse Light. The result is a more powerful IPL, but a safer method because, as mentioned earlier, the heat is apportioned evenly throughout the skin cells, therefore eliminating any hot spots.
How does this laser work on the skin?
The laser beam heats up the skin cells below the surface, causing friction in the blood vessels and nerve endings. As these heal, the skin is left smoother with a better texture. The heat also kickstarts collagen to produce and rebuild the skin cells.
Does the treatment hurt?
Patients will feel a zap to their skin whenever the laser light is administered. A topical numbing agent lathered on the face prior to treatment will minimize any discomfort. Dr. Cory Torgerson also advises that Tylenol or Advil be taken an hour ahead of the session. If you are nervous about the pain level, freezing the face is possible, if necessary.
How long does the session last?
An AFT–IPL session is completed in approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic will recommend a treatment package of 3 to 4 sessions spaced approximately 4 weeks apart for optimal results.
How long does recovery take? Will I have to book time off work?
AFT is considered non-invasive, so there is no need to take time off of work. Your skin may feel a little tight after treatment, and it may look slightly pink for 2 to 3 days.
Will I notice immediate change in my skin?
Immediately following AFT laser therapy, you will notice that your skin is smoother and the texture has improved significantly. Because this type of treatment deals with the underlying skin cells and kickstarts collagen reproduction, you will notice continued improvement in the days and weeks following this procedure.
Is AFT–IPL a one-time laser therapy treatment?
Although improvements will be evident after one procedure, it is recommended that 2 to 4 laser sessions booked a month apart will provide maximum benefit. This is especially the case if you are targeting acne scar removal or brown aging spots.
How much does this procedure cost?
We’re happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact our office for current, up-to-date pricing and packaging specials.

Dr. Torgerson offers several types of laser skin resurfacing at his Yorkville cosmetic laser centre. To determine whether AFT – IPL is the best laser therapy for your skin, it is necessary to book a private consultation. You can then be able to express your concerns and the goals you wish to achieve with laser treatments. Why not call and make an appointment today? It’s your first step to a fresh, rejuvenated complexion!

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