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iPixel Erbium Laser Therapy

To determine whether the iPixel erbium laser treatment is best for you, why not book a consultation at Dr. Torgerson’s private laser centre?

You will be able to view before and after photos of previous patients who have had this type of skin resurfacing and see for yourself the fabulous results that laser resurfacing can achieve.


What does iPixel erbium laser mean?
Ipixel refers to the microscopic area of the skin that is treated at one time with the erbium laser beam, which is the size of 7 pixels. The tiny perforations allow for faster healing, better collagen stimulation, and an overall better result than IPL laser treatments.
What are the skin conditions that the iPixel erbium laser treats?
This type of laser resurfacing is more aggressive. Therefore, it is able not only to tighten deeper wrinkles; it is also able to significantly smooth out acne scars, sun damage, brown age spots, and other targeted skin pigmentation concerns.
Is this procedure in the ablative or non-ablative category?
iPixel erbium treatments are ablative. This refers to the removal of skin and the necessity for downtime in order for the skin to heal and return to normal.
What type of laser is used with Ipixel therapy?
This is the first method of skin resurfacing laser that uses a roller-type applicator with a micro-optic lens. Fractional, expandable laser pulses are used. Fractional means that only 20% of the skin is lasered at a time, causing a shorter downtime than CO2 laser therapy.
How does the laser affect the skin?
Microscopic perforations the size of 7 pixels are made in the skin as the roller passes over. These perforations permeate to a depth of 20 to 50 microns deep. The depth of the heat can be controlled and is determined by the client’s skin type. The thermal heat inserted into the skin cells kickstarts new collagen growth, which continues to develop long after the laser treatment session is over.
Does the laser treatment hurt?
Because the iPixel erbium laser is considered invasive, Dr. Cory Torgerson and his qualified personnel take precautions to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Conscious sedation or other methods to make the treatment comfortable will be offered.
Is this laser therapy suitable for all skin types?
iPixel erbium in its most powerful state is not suitable for darker complexions such as that of African-Americans. However, there are other excellent skin resurfacing methods that Dr. Torgerson can suggest for dark-skinned ethnic groups.
How long does a laser treatment last?
Treatments last approximately 45 minutes at our laser clinic.
Will one session be enough to accomplish what I want with my skin?
One session is usually sufficient unless acne scars are quite deep or sun damage is quite extensive. A customized, tailored plan will be created for you with our qualified laser personnel, who will help develop proper laser treatment goals.
What is the cost of an iPixel erbium laser treatment?
Call our office, and we will give you an accurate and current idea of the cost, depending on the areas that you would like to have treated.
How long will recovery take?
For the skin to heal, 3 to 7 days are required. The pink, sensitive, lasered skin will return to a normal colour during that time. Tighter, healthier skin forms during the healing process.
What changes will I notice after this type of laser therapy?
Your skin will feel smoother and tighter immediately following the session. Lines will be noticeably diminished, and your skin will have a smoother texture. In the days and weeks following the procedure, the new collagen will produce a lovely glow and brighter complexion.

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