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Benefits Of Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Laser Treatments For The Body Part 1

There are many advantages to receiving anti-aging treatments for the body without surgery.

The popular ways people can rejuvenate the various areas of the body include receiving laser skin-tightening procedures, laser-lipo fat-reduction treatments, lesion and scar removal treatments, and skin-resurfacing treatments almost anywhere on the body that requires resurfacing.

Most laser treatments usually provide the same class of positive benefits as surgical procedures. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of minimally invasive anti-aging treatments for the body vs. surgical anti-aging procedures for the body.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Patients are often unsure if the results they achieve from non-surgical treatments are short-term or long-lasting. Non-surgical procedures can produce results that are long-lasting if they are done correctly in a treatment program that consists of treatment intervals at the suggested rate of repetition. The importance of the frequency of treatments is very closely tied to how effective the treatments will be. For patients who receive non-surgical laser treatments, following the suggested treatment plan is an important factor in how successful the results will be.

Quicker and More Efficient

Surgery is a heavyweight decision with important factors like high-cost medical clearances from physicians, emotional and physical commitment to a long lasting change, along with other very serious decisions regarding the appearance where changes sometimes cannot be reversed. Non-invasive procedures are milder forms of modification and do not cause a dramatic change in the treatment area, whereas surgery totally changes the anatomy of the area that is being intervened surgically. One disadvantage of semi-lasting treatments is that the results do not necessarily last as long as the results of a surgical procedure. However, minimally invasive procedures can be ideal body-modification treatments for people who are not ready for a change.

Surgery Results Are Immediate

Faster, Immediate Results

Non-invasive procedures do work slowly over the course of several weeks and after multiple treatments. With most non-invasive procedures, treatment results are usually visible 4 to 6 weeks after treatments. Surgery results are immediate. However, the associated downtime disables the person from being able to really see the final results for several months after surgery. Also, highly invasive procedures for the body such as liposuction limit the patient from performing daily activities for a few weeks after surgery, whereas non-surgical procedures typically do not affect the patient to the same degree of disability.

There is a wide variety of disadvantages and advantages between both surgical and non-surgical treatments. The choice between the two is really based on many factors that patients should consider when deciding on the right treatment for their concerns.

Non-invasive body modification treatments require commitment to a series of treatments in a predetermined treatment plan. Altering the treatment agenda can interfere with the results that the practitioner is able to produce for their patients. Rescheduling can also conflict with the timeline of when the final results can be expected.

Body-modification treatments can be customized to meet the patient’s cosmetic goals. Read the second part of “Benefits of Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Laser Treatments for the Body” to learn more about the other advantages of improving the body without surgery.

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