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CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Why Do the Before and After Results Keep It In High Demand?

When you are seeking dramatic complexion improvements, you’re likely to come across CO2 laser resurfacing treatment for micro-ablative skin rejuvenation. Why is this intensive skin treatment so popular? The results keep it in high demand.

At the Torgerson Clinic in Toronto, we love CO2 laser therapy for its scientifically proven advantages. This fractional laser is our strongest, and it yields dazzling results. For people who want to completely revitalize their skin due to signs of aging, scarring, or other visible issues, CO2 allows for the most transformative treatment you can get without surgery.

Plenty of people choose to have facial procedures that ensure little to no downtime. It’s easy to understand why we like services that feel great and don’t inconvenience us in any way. The CO2 laser resurfacing treatment comes with a necessary 5 to 7 days of skin healing and peeling. It’s not overly painful, but it is slightly inconvenient. So why do patients rave about this procedure and keep it in such high demand? Hint: the benefits are remarkable, and the before and after results are well worth it.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser

What does CO2 laser do for a person’s skin?

The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser offers advanced resurfacing through the precise removal of the outer layers of skin. The skin that is damaged, dull, scarred, uneven, or wrinkled is removed to reveal fresh, healthy cells underneath. The underlying skin cells that have not yet been exposed to environmental damage or other injury are smooth, hydrated, and plump. The laser also has the effect of stimulating natural collagen and elastin, which provide structure and firming support for healthy skin.

The result is visibly smoother, younger skin. What could be better? No facial, peel, or product can do the dramatic ablative work of CO2 laser resurfacing. Your skin naturally slows its desquamation process as you age, which means natural cell turnover and repair doesn’t happen fast enough to keep skin looking smooth and young. That’s why we develop fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and textural irregularities.

The knowledgeable team at the Torgerson Clinic can assess your complexion needs and recommend a combination of effective and complementary procedures to improve your skin. Sometimes lighter treatments will easily achieve aesthetic goals. However, when dealing with the deeper-set effects of aging, acne scarring, and significant pigment problems, targeted fractional laser resurfacing with a more aggressive modality can be carefully applied to reveal dramatic changes. Dr. Torgerson handpicks his medical staff for their experience and ability. Only qualified staff carry out our laser treatments and ensure that while results are impressive, the procedure is entirely safe. CO2 fractional laser recovery is carefully managed to be as comfortable as possible. We recommend that you seek only highly skilled professional treatment when you select this popular procedure.

What will your CO2 laser treatment involve?

Dr. Cory Torgerson

The first step to planning CO2 laser treatment is to book a consultation with Dr. Torgerson. We’ll show you CO2 laser resurfacing before and after photos, then discuss all the details of the treatment process. Your skin will be examined, and you’ll be invited to share your complexion concerns and goals.

This is one of the most aggressive non-surgical solutions used to treat and rejuvenate skin, so it comes with plenty to consider as far as healing and recovery. We’ll let you know what to expect during your 5 to 7 days of downtime. Our clients who undergo CO2 tell us that it is highly worthwhile.

When you arrive at our chic, welcoming surgical centre, we’ll escort you to your private treatment room, where you’ll be prepped and will review the details of your procedure again. Our laser clinic is also a hospital-grade, fully accredited surgical facility. Dr. Torgerson offers conscious sedation to make the procedure quick and completely comfortable! Our patients can be up and about their business very quickly after treatment, and we ensure the process is as pleasant as possible, which has a lot to do with why our patients report high satisfaction rates with this treatment. That and the amazing results!

During the process, a high-energy beam of light targets just the surface layers of skin cells to eliminate them and reveal the cells underneath. The precision focus of laser energy removes only these specific, superficial skin layers to expose the underlying ones. The depth is relatively minor, but it is deeper than the typical peeling or exfoliation effects. Therefore, a natural erythema (redness) will appear as a result of the laser effects and last a few days. The laser energy also stimulates new collagen to develop, which leads to ongoing improvements in skin tone and tightening.

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing affects only a fraction of your skin through the creation of thousands of micro-heat channels. The spaces between channels form “bridges” to speed up healing and support the formation of collagen and healthy tissue. This innovative new technique ensures that healing is much faster than with traditional CO2. That means that our patients can enjoy the significant skin improvements they want with less downtime or discomfort than previously experienced.

Is CO2 ideal for everyone?

CO2 Laser

Although this in-demand, anti-aging treatment is an excellent treatment tool, not everyone makes a good candidate. Reasons to avoid it would include pregnancy, the use of certain medications like Accutane or chemotherapy, bleeding disorders, and issues with scarring. Dr. Cory Torgerson will conduct a thorough evaluation of your dermatological and medical picture to ensure that you’ll benefit safely from this treatment before recommending treatment.

Results are not only dramatic, they’re also long-lasting

Benefits of CO2 Laser

Another reason that patients are wowed by CO2 results and choose this treatment so enthusiastically is that benefits are revealed shortly after treatment, but then will continue to unfold and develop over the weeks and months after.

CO2 laser accomplishes in one treatment what extensive, expensive, and layered approaches with other modalities just can’t. As the skin heals with a fresh, undamaged, even complexion, the underlying tightening and collagenesis continues and maintains long-term improvements. Patients see visible reductions in facial lines, sagging, and brown spots. The firming effects that continue post-treatment mean that CO2 delivers high value for the investment, both financial and timewise. Again and again cosmetic clients choose what’s proven to work.

If you want to beautify your skin with the latest in advanced laser technology, why not schedule your own private consultation? We offer thorough consultation appointments because we believe that being well informed allows you to understand and select what’s best for you. CO2 may be the surgery-free way to completely revitalize your look.

We look forward to talking with you and helping you reach your goals.

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