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Cosmetic Laser Therapy … Is it for You?

If we were all honest, most of us have looked at pictures of models and celebrities in glamour magazines wishing we looked as good as they do!

In the past two decades, new facial cosmetic treatments have been introduced to the industry offering exciting options that enable everyone to age gracefully and look their best at any age. It is no longer necessary to envy Hollywood celebs because they look fantastic. At his private laser center in Toronto, Dr. Cory Torgerson offers a variety of choices that allow you to face the world at any age with confidence. Many of these facial cosmetic procedures do not involve any surgery. Cosmetic laser therapy is just one of several cutting-edge treatments that will allow you to look amazing.

Laser Therapy Stimulates Skin’s Natural Collagen Production

Remove Facial Imperfections

In determining whether laser therapy is right for you, the first important detail you should know is that the use of laser in the medical world is not new. Over 60 years ago, the first cosmetic laser procedure was performed. Since that time, scientists and laboratories around the world have continued to study and improve laser technology to ensure that it is not only effective, but safe as well. If the proper precautions are taken and a licensed professional is employed, cosmetic laser therapy is an exciting possibility for you.

So what can laser skin therapy accomplish? It is able to effectively minimize facial lines and wrinkles, produce a youthful, bright complexion with an even texture and tone, and remove many facial imperfections. Laser skin tightening and skin rejuvenation have been very popular in recent years. All laser treatments can be completed in a short amount of time without the expense of surgery! The results are immediate with ongoing improvements in the skin noticed long after the procedure, because laser therapy stimulates our skin’s natural collagen production.

Non Surgical Laser Treatments

Conscious Sedation Or Complete Sedation

Laser Skin Therapy Types

Many types of laser skin therapy are available at Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic, and depending what your concerns are, his team of experts will choose the best laser treatment to address your specific needs. ClearLift and AFT laser therapies target more minimal skin irregularities, whereas CO2 fractionated laser and iPixel erbium laser target deeper issues. When the dermis is lasered, there is absolutely no downtime necessary for the skin to heal, but when the epidermis is targeted, it requires a few days to one week for the fresh layer of skin to heal properly.

Different types of laser beams are used with each type of laser therapy. Some use a low-energy frequency, whereas others use a high-powered ultra-pulse beam. All are administered externally using an articulated arm and a hand-piece. ClearLift and AFT laser require only a topical anaesthetic, whereas the more powerful laser treatments such as CO2 laser are conducted with either conscious sedation or complete sedation.

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