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Erbium is a laser skin-resurfacing module that ablates the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin.

The treatment uses laser technology to create tiny microscopic holes similar to that of fractionated CO2 laser treatments. The process of microscopically damaging a fraction of the skin, also known as tissue vaporization, induces the production of new skin. This process allows the undamaged areas of the skin to provide anatomical support towards the healing of the injured epidermis. Erbium fractional laser treatments have the same function as CO2 lasers. They remove the top layers of the skin, causing new skin to be produced. The new skin has increased qualities in the smoothness and firmness of the skin on the face.

Treat Deep Lines And Wrinkles

What Is Erbium?

Erbium laser treatments treats deep lines and wrinkles. However, erbium is also a great option to treat minor scars on the face and other irregularities that might be otherwise be difficult to treat with other non-invasive treatments. Limited downtime should not prevent patients from receiving the fractional laser treatments that they desire, because the recovery with erbium is quicker than that of CO2 treatments. Erbium treatment recovery sometimes includes the use of bandages, which if used, will be replaced by your surgeon within a few days. Your surgeon will also prescribe an ointment that will prevent the occurrence of unsightly scars on the newly treated skin. Dr. Torgerson prescribes Teoxane’s RHA Deep Repair Balm to his fractional laser treatment patients because the balm has regenerative properties that assist in repairing and restoring the skin after aesthetic procedures.

Erbium laser skin resurfacing has been found safe and effective by Health Canada and by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the effective treatment of fine lines and moderate wrinkles. It has also proven effective in the treatment of mild scars such as acne scars.

Smoother, Tighter Skin After Healing

Erbium Laser Treatments

Erbium fractional laser treatments are a highly effective way to address fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Patients who undergo laser resurfacing treatments see their skin’s texture and quality improve. Erbium works by stimulating collagen production in the treated areas, which results in smoother, tighter skin after healing. Erbium laser treatments do require some form of pain management. The process can cause some discomfort because the treatment removes the superficial layers of the skin. Options for pain management include local anesthetic and occasionally the use of mild sedatives. The treatment is conducted on an outpatient basis, so with the assistance of a driver, patients can go home after their treatment.

Erbium fractional laser treatments must be performed by qualified personnel. There are few side effects associated with erbium laser treatments. Common post-treatment symptoms include pink or redness in the skin after the procedure with some minor swelling. It is crucial to follow your plastic surgeon’s specific instructions to achieve the best possible results following your erbium fractional laser treatments. Dr. Torgerson ensures that all his patients receive the best in their treatment care pre- and post-procedure, so he may prescribe his patients with medication after their erbium treatment to increase their comfort. Contact our office to book your consultation with Dr. Torgerson to see whether erbium laser treatment is the right solution for your skin concerns.

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