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Have You Tried Using Laser Skin Treatments To Erase Acne Scars?

It is estimated that roughly 2 million Canadians live with facial scars left by acne.

In the past, the traditional cosmetic procedure recommendation to treat acne scarring was chemical peels. Largely unaffordable and even seen by some as dangerous, chemical peels require a long recovery time and is just not feasible for many Canadians with busy schedules.

Throughout the past decade, laser treatments have now made it possible to erase acne scars without requiring the same recovery time and without the expense that chemical peels are advertised for.

More Patients Are Taking Advantage Of Laser Technology Due To Its High Percentage Of Satisfaction

Acne Scars Are Rid Of For Good

If you have never tried laser skin treatments to erase acne scars, now is your opportunity. For the first time, committing to a laser treatment plan will ensure that your acne scars are rid of for good. We know what it is to live years with acne pockmarks on the face. They undermine self-confidence, is a consistent bother to many patients, and many people overcompensate with more makeup than they prefer. There are a number of treatments that claim to fade scars but many people walk away unhappy with the results.

Through the use of laser technology, energy can be delivered to the skin in a precise way that improves texture and appearance within a matter of minutes. More patients are taking advantage of laser technology due to its high percentage of satisfaction among users and its effectiveness in accomplishing a significant reduction in acne scar appearance.

The amount of treatment required can vary. However, what is common is the lack of side effects. Many patients only experience a little bit of redness and tenderness, subsiding after an hour or so. The full extent of results can take some weeks to become apparent however in this time, there are no restrictions when it comes to makeup and moisturizers or any other facial products.

It Is Safe, Painless, And Is An Excellent Way To Permanently Correct Any Offending Scars

No Reason To Be Fearful

For people who have never tried laser treatment to address acne scarring, it can be a scary treatment option for some. There is no reason to be fearful of laser treatment as it is safe, painless, and is an excellent way to permanently correct any offending scars. Many opt for alternatives such as chemical peels, topical scar gels, and micro-needling, however, these rarely offer the extent of the results that a laser treatment promises. Though laser resurfacing can sound a bit scary and risky, in the hands of a trusted professional, there is no treatment as effective and painless with so minimal downtime as laser can provide.

Laser technology works by directing energy into the skin without penetrating the top layer of skin. The direction of this laser accelerates collagen stimulation and keeps the outer layer of skin from being destroyed. This approach limits visible skin damage and downtime, ultimately drawing from the body’s natural processes to overcome acne scarring. Following treatment, healthy skin slowly reveals itself, resulting in scarring, discolouration, and fine lines all being corrected. After a single treatment session, many patients end up requesting further sessions after they see the quality of results that this procedure can deliver.

If you are looking for more information on what to expect from a laser treatment session specifically to address acne scarring, we invite you to contact Dr. Torgerson’s Yorkville laser clinic, (647)343-0207. A consultation with one of Toronto’s top laser treatment specialists, Dr. Torgerson can provide a thorough skin assessment and can advise on the most appropriate treatment options to erase and minimize your acne scarring.

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