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Laser Skin Resurfacing After-Care Tips

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular method of rejuvenating the complexion, tightening the skin, and successfully dealing with facial imperfections.

As with any other facial cosmetic procedure, following the laser centre’s instructions after the treatment is of utmost importance. The patient and professional must partner together to achieve a successful outcome with optimum results.

CO2 Laser Is the Most Invasive of All Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

After-Care Tips

Dr. Cory Torgerson and his team of laser experts encourage patients to have a complete understanding of the laser procedure recommended to address their concerns, which includes what is required of them once they leave his private Toronto laser centre. All laser therapy clients are given written instructions that outline after-care tips. Patients who undergo CO2 laser treatments are also given Dr. Torgerson’s cell phone number so they can contact him anytime if they have concerns. This is because CO2 laser is the most invasive of all laser skin resurfacing treatments.

The ClearLift laser and AFT laser treatments are not aggressive, so their after-care instructions are minimal. Clients usually notice that their faces feel tight and may appear slightly pink in colour for a couple of days after their session. It is recommended that they stay out of the sun or wear a hat and sunscreen when they do go outside. Smoking is not recommended while the skin is tender, as it dries out the pores. Using a good skin moisturizer is helpful after laser therapy, and Vivier skin care products are available for purchase at Dr. Torgerson’s laser therapy clinic.

New Layer f Skin Requires Special Attention

Cleansing Regime

Both the iPixel erbium and CO2 laser therapies are more aggressive, and consequently require more attention to after-care details. These treatments remove the top layer of skin and it is the fresh, new layer of skin that is revealed which requires special attention. Booking approximately 3 to 4 days off of work after an iPixel erbium laser treatment and 1 week off after a CO2 laser treatment is suggested.

As with any laser therapy, staying out of the sun for several weeks is essential, but especially while the new facial skin is healing. To reduce any unnecessary blood flow to the face, Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic advises that clients sleep at a 30-degree angle by propping up several pillows. Taking the prescribed antibiotics to offset the possibility of infection is also strongly encouraged. A medicated cream similar to Vaseline is also prescribed for CO2 laser patients, because it forms a protective barrier for the face as the new skin cells heal. Cleansing the face twice a day gently, using warm water helps remove the flaking, old, treated skin, which will continue to fall off for 5 to 7 days. Other than the cleansing regime, it is recommended that laser therapy clients refrain from touching their faces unnecessarily.

After-Care Tips on Laser Skin Resurfacing

Although these after-care tips are not difficult, they are an important aspect of laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Torgerson and his laser experts would be happy to discuss any questions you have regarding the laser therapies offered at his facial cosmetic laser clinic or concerns you may have regarding the after-care procedures.

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