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Lasers Vs. Surgery: What’s The Right Choice For You? Part 2

Getting plastic surgery or laser treatments is a personal choice for everyone.

Your reasons for modifying attributes of your body or correcting features that were naturally bestowed to you can positively impact your self-esteem and improve self-confidence. Body image is a personal relationship that everyone sees on their own terms. Plastic surgery or laser procedures can improve how someone sees themselves as well as how others perceive them.

If you’re unhappy with a current condition on your face or body, a consultation with Dr. Torgerson may help guide you in the right direction of achieving your cosmetic goals surgically or non-surgically.

The Right Choice For You

What Is Your Budget?
Can you afford surgery? Or are you thinking laser treatments because of the lower associated costs? Getting laser treatments for several years can amount to similar costs to a one-time surgery fee, so it may not be less expensive in the long run. If you are on a budget, then lasers are a great cost-friendly alternative to achieve satisfactory results in a short time span. Some clinics offer third-party financing options for patients who require the financial support for their procedures. The cost of surgical or non-surgical procedures are unique to individual clinics in your area of residence.
Level Of Discomfort
How much pain can you put up with? Invasive, non-invasive, or minimally invasive treatments all vary. Invasive treatments are typically performed under general or local anesthesia. Post-surgical symptoms like pain, swelling, and redness in the area are active and often require medication to reduce the unwanted symptoms in the area that was surgically operated on.

Laser procedures are performed by physicians or technicians while the patient is fully conscious, in most cases. If anaesthesia is required for your laser treatment, your surgeon will decide on the type of sedation that will be suitable for your type of procedure. Laser procedures have lower levels of discomfort when compared to surgical procedures.

What’s Your Skin Type?
Skin type can sometimes limit the type of procedures you are able to receive. For example, fair-skinned people with blonde or light hairs are not ideal candidates for laser hair removal procedures, neither are very dark black-skinned people with dark hair. There are qualification requirements that one must consider when trying to successfully acquire changes that are safe and suitable for your skin type. Skin typing for laser treatments is the safest way to avoid any unwanted symptoms from laser treatments such as burning, scarring, and pigmentation issues that may arise from laser settings that were inappropriate for a certain skin type.

Surgical procedures consider the quality of skin more than the type of skin you have. It is very important for surgeons to assess the skin’s qualities to accomplish satisfactory results. In this way they can use specific techniques to ensure the smooth healing of the surgical sites post-operatively. Some skin types are more suitable than others for surgery, and some skin types are more suitable for lasers. During your first consultation for your surgery or laser treatments, your skin type will be assessed and your risks will be discussed with you by your clinician.

What Type Of Scarring Or Changes Are You Comfortable With?
Surgery almost always leaves a scar from the surgical intervention in the skin. The incision marks allow access for surgeons to operate on the targeted areas on the face or body. An experienced surgeon will do their best to leave an inconspicuous scar, concealing the incision marks using closure techniques that minimize the appearance and reduce the complications associated with scar wound healing. During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, it is important to discuss the location and size of the scars to identify the exact location of the scars on the face or body.

Lasers often don’t require any incision marks. However, they can potentially be harmful if the laser treatments are not delivered safely according to the manufacturer’s recommended settings. It’s important to seek a reputable practice with a good customer satisfaction profile to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care for your aesthetic goals.

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