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miraDry® Toronto

Good news for people who sweat excessively! miraDry® is the latest innovative, non-surgical treatment to stop sweat in Toronto. It’s easy, and it works!

Are you frustrated and fed up with aluminum-heavy, sticky antiperspirants, deodorizers, clothing protectors, and other uncomfortable perspiration solutions? If you’ve tried all these and more, you’re not alone. Even clinical-strength antiperspirants don’t help people suffering from hyperhidrosis, and medical treatments can be daunting. Millions of people can now curb wetness and odour permanently. Imagine feeling fresh and dry all day! You’ll be excited when you find out just how easy it is.

miraDry® Could Be Right For You If:

  • You want to feel more confident at work
  • It’s vital for you to avoid chemicals and toxins
  • You love stylish clothes and don’t want to see any more items ruined
  • You’re a busy person with no time for lengthy appointments
  • You no longer want to be a “clinical strength” antiperspirant user
  • You would get closer to others if you felt more confident
  • You’re ready to ditch the inconvenience and misery of excessive sweating – for good

Need a lasting cure? We can help

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s facial cosmetic clinic offers the most advanced laser technology in the industry. Along with expert facial surgery solutions, Dr. Torgerson is passionate about providing a variety of quality, non-invasive options for rejuvenation as well.

We’re pleased to bring proven technology to our clients to serve virtually every beauty and cosmetic need they have. The issue of oversweating is a major one, yet many people don’t want to talk about it due to embarrassment.

Though it’s common, sweating can make people feel bad about themselves, so they self-consciously retreat from social situations. That’s why we’re excited to tell our patients all about it when a device that is so effective comes along. The fact that it’s a healthy, natural way to fight sweat is a bonus. Contact us today, and take a step toward perspiration freedom.

Frequently Asked miraDry® Questions

How much does miraDry Toronto cost?

midDry Toronto costs $2,200.00 per treatment. You can achieve almost 100% odor and sweat free underarm area with two treatments spaced 12 weeks apart totalling $4,400.00.

Is your problem called hyperhidrosis?
A significant portion of the population report struggling with hyperhidrosis. The condition is defined as the production of sweat above and beyond what’s physiologically necessary to balance body temperature. If this describes you, help is on the way.
Are there proven solutions to stop sweating?
Do you dream of such simple freedoms as taking your blazer off at work, wearing whatever shirt colours you want, or applying deodorant only once per day? Due to excessive sweating, many people just like you can’t imagine wearing what they wish or feeling fresh and confident all day long.

The scientific community has been hard at work in recent years inventing remedies for this issue. However, many available options involve drugs that carry side effects or painful, invasive procedures.

Strong antiperspirants require a prescription, and patients often worry about the possible systemic effects of high aluminum levels in the body.

What if we told you there’s now a non-invasive and drug-free way to prevent sweating permanently that’s approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? You may think it sounds too good to be true, but keep reading to discover the facts about this incredible treatment, and you’ll see why we’re so excited. We think you will be too!

How does miraDry® fight perspiration?
Treatment for excessive sweating in Toronto has reached a new level with miraDry®. The Dr. Torgerson Clinic is pleased to offer our clients a proven, fast, and pain-free way to halt those overactive glands and stop sweat. The system uses a non-invasive device to direct energy at sweat glands, permanently preventing them from producing sweat and odour.
What does it treat?
miraDry® is approved for primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excess underarm sweating). With advanced laser technology, it offers a method of changing sweat glands without breaking the skin or damaging the surrounding tissue.

This highly intelligent, targeted treatment goes straight to the intended glands to shut them down fast – and nowhere else. You won’t see any marks, incisions, or scars. It’s quickly becoming the leading choice to stop sweat, because it’s so simple and straightforward.

Bonus: Are you concerned about laser technology for darker skin tones? Unlike many older-generation lasers, this one is perfectly safe and effective for all skin tones and shades. It doesn’t darken or damage skin, no matter the pigment, so it’s safe for everyone.

You can book a miraDry® treatment on a lunch break or after work, then return to your day. There’s no downtime, no painful recovery, and no medication side effects to worry about. No wonder it’s becoming so popular! The Torgerson Clinic is one of the few cosmetic surgical centres in Toronto to offer it, and patients are reporting over 90% satisfaction. In fact, they’re raving about how well this works.

Did you know that miraDry® also stops underarm hair growth?
This incredible side benefit is icing on the cake for patients who finally enjoy dry underarms after years of suffering. Because the treatment destroys targeted sweat glands, it also stops hair growth in the related follicles. It works for all colours and types of hair.

If you don’t want to bother with shaving or waxing again, you’re going to love this. It wasn’t the primary goal of miraDry® technology development, but it has become a very welcome “side effect”. Enjoy being bare, dry, and beautiful!

The Toronto miraDry® method: Does it stop sweat permanently?
Unlike many leading sweat solutions such as anticholinergic medication or Botox, miraDry’s effects are permanent. That’s right! Once you’ve eliminated an overactive gland, it’s gone for good, and you’ll sweat less for the rest of your life.

The source of underarm perspiration and odour are your apocrine and eccrine glands, located in the dermal-fat layer of armpit tissue. miraDry® uses precise 60°C heat required to destroy them effectively. Its patented MiraWave ® technology directs thermal waves to this exact target layer without negatively affecting any surrounding tissue.

In addition to hyper-specific 5.8 GHz energy focused right where it needs to be, hydroceramic cooling will be simultaneously applied to your skin during treatment to manage temperature and keep you cool.

miraDry® is a non-ablative laser system, meaning it doesn’t damage skin and targets only the intended structures underneath. The particular sweat glands that cause uncomfortable, daily wetness can be eliminated without side effects. No scalpels, sutures, or injections are needed. That means no worry of pain, infection, or unsightly scarring. Just the safest way to change your life if you have hyperhidrosis.

What are the leading alternatives to stop sweat in Toronto?
Anticholinergic drugs: When you’re diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, your doctor may prescribe medications such as anticholinergic drugs. Taken by mouth, they stop the activation of sweat glands, but they also lead to detrimental systemic effects like urinary problems, blurred vision, heart palpitations, and more.

Surgery: Options include ETS (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy), using small incisions to sever the nerves in your armpit that activate glands. ETS works, but it leaves scars. As you may guess, the process and recovery can be pretty uncomfortable.

Neuromodulator injections: This treatment has been trending in recent years as more people acquire a prescription for Botox injections for armpits. The effects last roughly 4 months because the mechanism of action for perspiration is temporarily halted. Yet treatments can be costly, require prescriptions, and don’t last.

Prescription antiperspirants: If you deal with sweat and odour on a regular basis, you’re likely familiar with the industrial-strength, super-antiperspirants formulated to help reduce this issue. Some drugstores sell stronger-than-average deodorants, and prescriptions will get you a roll-on with exceptionally high levels of aluminum.

There have been many questions raised about the long-term health effects of these topical products, and plenty of our patients would like to avoid applying chemicals, taking drugs, or having surgery, if possible. Many people are looking for toxin-free, natural ways to treat sweating. Are you?

Is miraDry® a safe, natural way to stop sweat?
If you’re curious about health and safety related to preventing sweat, that’s understandable. We’re happy to let you know that while the body does require sweat glands to moderate temperature, it has 2 to 4 million of them doing the job. Only about 2% of these are located in your underarms. Eliminating them doesn’t impair the body’s ability to cool itself. After treatment, you’ll experience a significant reduction in underarm perspiration right away, but you will continue to sweat in other areas as usual.
What will your miraDry® treatment be like?
You’ll have your session in the comfort of our bright, stylish Yorkville cosmetic clinic. Treatment begins with cleansing and mapping out the area with temporary dots. You’ll be reclined comfortably and receive a topical numbing agent to keep the axillary region numb and free of discomfort.

When you’re ready to begin, the handheld device will be applied to your skin. The gentle, electromagnetic energy will pass painlessly through to the target glands. You may feel some suction as the device creates a secure seal against the surface, but it’s not described as unpleasant.

The microwave energy destroys the source of sweat immediately. Over the following weeks, your body will break down waste cells and naturally eliminate them. You won’t feel a thing, but you will notice that sweat stops almost instantly.

How fast can you eliminate sweat?
miraDry® is a conveniently quick, 1-hour-long treatment, which allows patients to return to most regular activities right away. That means before, after, or during work, you can receive treatment, then get right back to it. We’ll advise you to avoid specific strenuous actions like working out at the gym temporarily, but regular activity is fine, so you won’t miss a beat. Imagine one fast appointment changing your life. It can – we’ll show you how.
Are there drawbacks to a miraDry® treatment?
There aren’t many negatives, but this technology is currently approved for only primary underarm hyperhidrosis. That means your armpit area can be treated effectively, but it won’t benefit other areas of the body at this time.
Are miraDry® results permanent?
Yes, the results are totally permanent, which is one of the impressive ways miraDry® stands out among competitors. Your eliminated sweat glands will be cleared away through your natural waste systems, and new ones do not develop in their place. A one-time investment buys a lifetime of comfort.

The treatment might not reach every gland in one appointment, but there will be a significant difference as the majority of the target glands are reached. In most cases, one session is enough for desired results. In rare cases, another treatment may be booked to destroy remaining active glands.

How many sessions of miraDry do you need?

Two miraDry treatments are recommended, 3 months apart. Patients will experience a decrease in sweat following the first treatment, and typically have an 82 percent decrease in underarm sweating.

miraDry® Laser Treatment Toronto

Book Your Private Consultation

We’re happy to provide all of our patients with a 30-minute consultation. Dr. Torgerson will explain more about this or other laser options so you can decide which one is best to help reach your goals. After your first meeting, if you wish to proceed right away, it can often be arranged.

miraDry® is the only non-invasive way to stop sweat in Toronto. And it permanently reduces odour and axillary hair too. It’s the first of its kind, and the Torgerson Clinic is one of a few exclusive practices to offer it. Our patients have begun to see how this system improves lives through a simple treatment. If you’re curious, we’d love to tell you more. Call today, and we’ll set up your consultation.

If excessive sweating is negatively impacting your life, you don’t need to suffer anymore. The solution isn’t as drastic as surgery, painful injections, or drugs. Eliminate underarm odour and wetness for good with miraDry® and get back to enjoying life confident, dry, and carefree.

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