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My Experience with Laser Skin Therapy

I had read about laser skin therapy in magazines and had seen before and after pictures of what it could accomplish.

At first, I thought it was very interesting and that the results on people’s faces were quite amazing . . . but never once did I consider it for myself. There was no doubt that the effects of time were becoming evident on my face. Crow’s feet around my eyes, tiny lines forming above my lip, sagging jowls . . . sigh! Obviously, other people were beginning to notice the changes in my face as well, because when Mother’s Day rolled around, I was presented with a gift certificate for laser skin therapy from my daughter. Hmmm, should I be offended or grateful?

I swallowed my pride, then turned on my computer and punched in the address to Dr. Cory Torgerson’s website. After all, I needed to read up about the doctor and the clinic I’d be visiting. For the next hour, I read about the AFT laser treatment (because that’s what the gift certificate was for), the facial cosmetic clinic in Yorkville, Toronto, and about Dr. Torgerson’s credentials. The website was professionally done, and the clinic looked amazing, so I took the plunge and called for an appointment.

A couple of weeks later, when I arrived at the clinic, I was surprised at how warmly the girls in the office greeted me. I was treated as if I were a long-lost relative rather than a number at my local walk-in clinic. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but Dr. Torgerson was a lot warmer and friendlier than I’d anticipated. He assessed my face, explained a little more about the AFT laser procedure, and was very patient with my copious amount of questions. Before I left the consultation, he introduced me to the registered nurse who would be performing the session. She walked me through some paperwork and was very thorough in finding out what medications I was on, whether I was allergic to anything, etc. By the time I left the consultation, I felt completely at ease about my upcoming laser treatment and confident that my daughter had chosen a well-qualified doctor with experienced staff.

The day of my appointment, I took a Tylenol about an hour before the procedure. The nurse spread a topical anaesthetic on my face and explained that with each pulse of the laser, I would feel like I’d been snapped with a rubber band. Before starting, she made sure I was lying down comfortably and asked if I had any more questions. I held my breath and tightened as the treatment started, but it ended up being exactly how she’d described it. I definitely knew each time the laser zapped me, but was pleasantly surprised that the treatment was completely tolerable and only took about 30 minutes.

Immediately, my face felt tight as if I’d been out in the sun for too long. The nurse assessed me and said how pleased she was with the results. As she handed me the mirror, I must say I was a little skeptical that there’d be that much noticeable change already. Although my face was a little pink, I was pleasantly surprised, because it actually did look like my face was smoother and my crow’s feet looked less noticeable! I was able to drive myself home afterwards and didn’t feel sick at all that evening.

The first day after my treatment, I was still a little pink, but my complexion was back to normal by the third day. What I think was the most dramatic change was how bright and fresh I looked afterwards. It seemed to revive my appearance, as if I’d had a long vacation! Was I pleased? Absolutely! Would I do it again? You bet! I was ecstatic with the results and would recommend Dr. Torgerson and his excellent staff to anyone considering laser skin therapy.

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