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The Purpose of Laser Light

The word “laser” has become a household word because it has been incorporated by the medical world for over half a century.

Although it is a common term, few people actually know what it stands for, and fewer still understand its purpose. Most people know that laser has something to do with the use of light . . . it is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser Is Also Effective For The Removal Of Birthmarks, Moles, And Brown Age Spots

Skin-Resurfacing Options

Laser light is very different than the light emitted by a light bulb. Three different categories set laser light apart under the umbrella of stimulated emission. Firstly, a laser is monochromatic, meaning it has a specific wavelength. Secondly, laser light is coherent, meaning the wavelengths are the same frequency. And thirdly, laser light is directional and focused. When an atom releases its energy, it becomes a particle of light. A laser is a device that controls the wavelength or colour of the light, organizes that light, and ensures that it is directional. Hence, the term laser beam.

The use of laser light is ever expanding, as medical science continues to discover more applications for it and the benefits that laser offers. Dr. Cory Torgerson’s private laser centre in Toronto offers his clients laser for cosmetic purposes. Several types of laser skin-resurfacing options are available, and each one accomplishes different things. The very first laser procedure was used by a surgeon in 1961 to remove a tattoo, and it is still used for that purpose today. Since then, the laser instruments and techniques used in modern clinics have been modified and much improved.

Laser is also effective for the removal of birthmarks, moles, and brown age spots. Laser light is able to smooth out uneven pigmentation and sun damage. Dr. Torgerson is a licensed cosmetic surgeon and is able to use laser to minimize acne scars as well as scars due to trauma. Laser therapy is capable of removing dead surface skin and brightening the complexion, thereby acquiring the term laser skin resurfacing. Last, but definitely not least, laser is very effective in lessening the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles, helping to tighten and refresh the skin.

See What This Incredible Technology Can Accomplish

Specific Genres

Other types of surgeons use laser in their specific genres. For example, ophthalmologists use laser to correct vision and repair detached retinas. General surgeons are able to remove polyps in the bowel, remove kidney stones, or shrink tumors.

Laser is able to cauterize, or seal, nerve endings in order to reduce the patient’s pain level after surgery. It is also capable of cauterizing blood vessels, which minimizes bleeding. This has been extremely beneficial in curtailing problems due to excessive bleeding after operations. In recent years, it has been discovered that laser is able to treat the early stages of cancer when it is used alongside radiation or chemotherapy.

Internal surgeries guide the laser light through an endoscopic tube to the area needed, whereas cosmetic surgeries are performed with the use of handheld devices.

If you have been self-conscious due to acne scars or simply desire to take advantage of laser’s ability to lessen the signs of aging, book a consultation today. Why not see what this incredible technology can accomplish for you?

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