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Types of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser has become a popular alternative for men and women who are investigating ways that enable them to look their best at any age.

It’s no longer the over-50 crowd who are visiting private surgery centres – younger millennials have realized that regular skin maintenance pays off in huge dividends. The benefits are a glowing complexion, tighter skin, and a more youthful appearance as they age. Because laser treatments are not as invasive as regular surgery, they have become a favourite facial cosmetic procedure.

Young Skin Is Stimulated And Produced

Targeting The Outer Layers Of Skin

Two types of laser skin resurfacing that Dr. Cory Torgerson offers at his Toronto Laser Centre are the CO2 fractionated laser and the iPixel erbium laser. Both of these procedures use laser light to target the outer layers of skin, removing the dead cells and eventually revealing a fresh, new layer of skin underneath. This is where the term “laser skin resurfacing” is derived from, because the face is literally resurfaced so that vibrant, young skin is stimulated and produced. Both the CO2 laser as well as the iPixel erbium laser are considered ablative procedures, because they cause the removal of tissue and they both require time for the skin to heal.

Skin resurfacing is not only effective for individuals who want to minimize wrinkles and tighten their skin, it is also excellent for reducing facial flaws. These defects include acne scars, regular scars, dark age spots, sun damage, and lesions.

Both of these skin resurfacing procedures are effective, but the consensus among all facial cosmetic surgeons is that CO2 laser therapy is the gold standard in the industry. It is impossible to determine which type of laser skin resurfacing would achieve the results you desire without booking a consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson. You will find his beautiful laser centre quite accessible in the heart of Yorkville, downtown Toronto.

The Most Aggressive Form Of Skin Resurfacing

Dream Transformation

C02 laser therapy is the most aggressive form of skin resurfacing offered by Dr. Torgerson. His clinic uses the latest, state-of-the-art CO2 fractional system, which incorporates fractionated, or short-pulsed, beams. The light heats up the epidermis (top layer of skin), causing the dead cells to vaporize, and simultaneously stimulates fresh collagen production. The new fractionated method distributes the heat evenly in short, pulsed concentrations over the face. As the treated layer of skin heals, the targeted tissue below also tightens. C02 laser does require conscious sedation as well as a week of downtime for the healing process to take place. The transformation that can be accomplished with this type of laser therapy is amazing, but because it is more invasive than any other type of skin resurfacing, Dr. Torgerson advises that only a reputable laser centre with qualified personnel perform the procedure.

iPixel erbium laser also removes the outer layer of skin and promotes new collagen growth with the use of a micro-optic lens. Pixel-sized dots are targeted by the heat, and the depth of the laser is controlled and determined by the client’s skin type. Erbium skin resurfacing and skin tightening require less downtime for the skin to heal. Clients will often notice that their skin is tighter immediately following therapy with the sensation of having a sunburn for approximately 3 days.

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