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Micro Needling 101

Microneedling refers to the use of tiny, short needles that puncture the skin to promote the process of collagenesis.

The needles penetrate only at the superficial level, so the sensation of the needles penetrating tiny holes in the skin is minimal, and treatments do not require any downtime. Microneedling can be performed with a microneedle wand at home or, more ideally, by a specialist who can treat the skin more quickly and effectively with lowered risks of mistreatment to sensitive areas of the face. Microneedling causes the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin, which produces a tightening effect to the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The micro-channels penetrate deep into the skin, which allows for better product absorption of topical skincare products as well as providing anti-aging benefits to the surface of the skin.

What can Micro Needling Treat?

Micro needling can treat and improve a wide variety of skin conditions such as:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase smoothness and improve skin texture
  • Improve skin tone by balancing out surface irregularities due to aging
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage
  • Reduce vascular irregularities such as broken capillaries or spider veins
  • Reduce pore size
  • Reduce symptoms of acne
  • Reduce the appearance of scars
  • Increase firmness and tightness in the skin
  • Improve laxity and lift the skin

Precautions: Microneedling is not recommended for people who are experiencing active acne or those who have persistent rosacea or overly sensitive skin. A consultation with a qualified skin specialist is the best way to determine if micro-needling is a suitable treatment for your skin type.

What can I Expect After my Micro Needling Treatment?

After 24 to 48 hours, the majority of the skin is healed. Some people may experience some light peeling of the skin after their micro needling treatments. Patients can resume their daily skincare and makeup routine 24 hours after their micro needling procedure. Micro-needling patients can typically resume normal and professional activities after a few days. It is normal to experience some redness for a few days after microneedling treatments.

What s a Micro-Needling Treatment Like?

For optimal patient experience, your practitioner can apply topical anesthetic cream to reduce discomfort. Patients who are extremely sensitive to pain can receive additional pain remedies if they need it. Talk to your performing practitioner if you are concerned about your level of tolerance for the treatment. Most patients require only topical numbing cream and find micro needling treatments considerably tolerable.

Microneedling can be applied on the face, neck, and hands. Although not as common, micro needling can be applied on other larger areas of the body too.

After your micro-needling procedure, you may feel a mild sensation of burning similar to a sunburn. Most post-treatment symptoms subside after a few hours. Each individual person’s skin quality and pain tolerance is different, so it is normal to feel less or more discomfort immediately after your micro needling procedure. In general, patients can expect to feel mild redness and swelling for 24 to 48 hours after their microneedling procedure.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Micro needling treatment recovery is fast, as it penetrates only the superficial layers of the skin. Most people usually need more than one treatment to see visible improvements in their skin. Signs of improvements in tone and texture are usually seen after the second or third treatment.

Treatments can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks with continued improvements over the next 6 to 12 months. A medical-grade skincare regimen as well as routine repeated treatments are recommended to optimize results.

If you are interested in learning more about micro-needling treatments, contact our office to schedule your consultation. Dr. Torgerson is proud to offer the latest in microneedling technology with the V2 micro needling treatment that not only provides the benefits of micro-needling, but also provides skin-boosting properties with Redensity I injected into the skin in a comprehensive skin-enhancing treatment.

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