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What Does Microneedling Treatment Really Feel Like?

For many patients considering microneedling treatment in Toronto, the thought of needles puncturing tiny holes in the skin can seem intimidating.

Contrary to proper belief, when a skilled practitioner in a clinical setting performs this popular beauty treatment, it is virtually painless. Continue reading to discover what microneedling treatment in Toronto really feels like.

Reduces the Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Causing the Skin to Rebuild Collagen And Elastin

Microneedling uses very small, short needles on a roller, pen, or stamp that puncture the skin to promote collagen and elastin production. The treatment has also proven to be an effective means to treat acne scars, pigmentation issues, and stretch marks.

For people who want to undergo a microneedling treatment in Toronto but are worried about it being painful, it may be comforting to know that since the needles are penetrating the skin at only a superficial level, the pain is typically very minimal and the treatment does not require any downtime.

At Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, patient comfort is always at the forefront. For the optimal experience, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the treatment to the part of the skin to be treated. Although the topical numbing cream is usually sufficient for a comfortable procedure, there are additional pain medications available for patients who are nervous or extremely sensitive to discomfort.

The procedure is generally quick and over within an hour, depending on the area under treatment. Each patient’s pain tolerance and skin is unique. The mild redness or swelling can be expected to clear up within 24 to 48 hours following the treatment.

Tightening Effect of the Procedure

Visible improvements in complexion

Following microneedling, most patients feel a mild burning sensation. This is completely normal and should feel similar to sunburn. Typically, this sensation subsides after a few hours.

Within 2 days following a microneedling treatment, the majority of the skin is healed. Although some patients may experience light peeling and redness of the skin, this is also normal and should dissipate quickly. Patients are typically able to resume their daily skincare and makeup routine within 24 hours of the procedure. Regular day-to-day personal and professional activities can usually be safely resumed after a few days.

Although people are often impressed that they can see a skin improvement after their first session, most patients require more than one treatment to enjoy the full results. It is typically after the second or third treatment that visible improvements in the tone and texture of the skin are noticeable.

If you are interested in learning more about microneedling treatment in Toronto, Dr. Torgerson offers consultations to all potential patients. Drawing on years of experience and expertise, he is able to provide a detailed explanation of what to expect from your treatment, including all risks and benefits. Priding himself on a patient-centered approach, Dr. Torgerson and his staff place the utmost importance on patient comfort, so rest assured that your microneedling treatment will be as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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